Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Love and Hate Affair with Facebook

I have discovered that I am as useless adept at using social media in the virtual world as I am in the real. Yep, that bad.

Many moons ago two of my friends invited me into the realm of Facebook, which, as they were my friends of many many more moons ago than that, I trusted them on and entered.

Having at that point just escaped the scorching heat of virus threats and had a new ally in some whizz bang software designed to save me from them. Well, all those lovely little fripperies offered up in Facebook just didn't look like fun to such whizz bang software and so I have no idea of all the delights.

Another problem I have with Facebook is it doesn't ever tell you really what is going on. On rare occasions it will tell me that one person wants to be my friend or its my move on Scrabulous, but really - it doesn't tell me EVERY time it is my move (and I need that information) NOR does (or did) it tell me about my
  • Water Globe
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Hatching Egg
  • 2 Grammar
  • 2 Knighthood
  • Funnest Friends
  • 8 Lil Green Patch
  • Endangered Hug
  • Dr Phil Personality Test
  • Causes
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Diamonds
  • Which Toon
  • Growing Gifts
  • Sketch Me
  • 2 Hugs
  • Girls Underwear Quiz
  • Cat Quiz
  • Hatch a Celebrity
  • What Rainbow Colour
  • Cupcakes
  • 3 How Many Kids
  • Oregon Trail
  • Booze Mail
  • Australian Wallabies
  • Likeness
  • Best Friends
  • What Colour Are You
  • My Garden
  • Funwall Friend
  • Movie Compatibilty
tests, quizes, requests or messages. Oh, I now know they exist - however if I click on them either one of two things happen:
  1. It tries to download an add-on, which my whizz bang software kyboshes and I never find out what real fun it is, or
  2. In order to access it, I must pass it along to at least one (if not all) of my friends.
I don't know if my Facebook experience is reflected in other such sites - its a bit like Hellfire Clubs - they may not all be the same, but you only have to look once to get an idea what is going on in there.

Frankly, Facebook, I don't give a damn. I do give a damn about my friends, and I do try to send them a message if I ever get past the first freak out Facebook offers - but frankly - if you want to know what I am doing, thinking, feeling or whinging about, far better come here.

As to any other social media - scares me to death and I hate being a luddite - by it is not my idea of fun being measured in popularity in any aspect of life, especially online.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

So, if you want me to know how you are going? Get a blog! I will get your feed and feel we have connected.

lol - okay, real life friends, I will call you back if you call me (and when I remember - sorry!!). And if you want to come visit Paradise, feel free. And if you want to coincide with the wedding of the century - yes, yes, just as soon as we organise anything YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.


Anonymous said...

I loathe and detest FACEBOOK too.
*SIGH* unfortunately, that's the only way my sisters in law will communicate with flinging of carrots and super pokes.

Debby said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hate facebook too. Tried to use it to keep current with the nieces and nephews. Yeah. No. They need to e-mail me. I have not got enough patience for face book or my space.

YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! When are you doing this marvelous thing?

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I haven't got into facebook but I do have one ... and lots of spammy emails telling me I have been poked or whatever *rolleyes*
I so agree ...everyone should get a blog.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Yes, I agree with your facebook - or faceache more like it - comments. I too have recently written about it. I too don't understand why I'm not notified of all my oponents moves in Scrabble. Doesn't make sense.

BB said...

Har de har... and yes, you did send the facebook Superwall twice which is so TOTALLY something I would do! Join me in the greenhorn gang! I liked it for a start, and then saw how silly it was - if I'm going to be mindless, I like to use my weapons of choice (i.e. words and pics) which I at least comprehend and can take some resposibility for.

I superpoke you and dub thee Usless at Facebook!


PS Debby - she is allegedly getting married sometime this year. But if you ask her about it, it delays the said event by approximately 2 months. Nuff said.

Aniqa said...

I'm actually guilty of enjoying facebook. If I get a thingy I'm not interested in or don't like I ignore it.

I can keep in touch with friends overseas.... OMG I'm starting to sound like a facebook ad, and it's totally unsolicited. But I do like playing scrabble - if people play their turns (Miss Jeannie) ;-)

With regards to the rumoured wedding, it's just a nasty manipulative game Jeannie and V are playing with our minds.

It gives them something to laugh at when there's nothing on the box. It also is their way of screwing with their friends who need to know when rumoured "I dos" will take place in time to book airfares and accommodation.

They really are evil you know

jeanie said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence that it is not a conspiracy of one I am dealing with.

lol I actually dreamed about the wedding the other night - had it organised in about two weeks and it wasn't that hard, after all. It will be this year.

aniqa - I love that you are an exception to the rule, and I am glad it works for you. I just haven't worked it out yet. And you will get to wear that floral chiffon you have had on layby for so long now, darl!

foop said...

I did find Facebook to be The Great Timesuck for about a week and then I got tired of adding applications and having to invite a gajillion friends before it would tell me, say, what kind of Vampire I was.

With you on the blog thing.

Brissiemum2 said...

Slowly, warily putting my hand up here as another facebook user! *blush*

It does have its downside and quite frankly, I think that once the novelty wears off, it is a bit overrated!

But I do love scrabulous! :)

Aniqa said...

Cool, I'll just brush the dust off the floral number, buy matching aqua shoes and eyeshadow and we're all ready to go!

Got verbal confirmation from my manager at work today that I can take leave in late december-mid february to go back to Mali.

Any chance the vows will take place before then?

Must go, got people on facebook to bite, chuck cupcakes at and hug.... ;-)

jeanie said...

foop - I am resigned to never know my calibre as a Vampire, and its (never) kept me awake!

bm2 - its okay - I love that there are different people in the world, and just because I am facebook-unfriendly doesn't mean that I write off people who are. Truly - I will still visit your blog - just don't ever expect to finish a scrabulous game with me - I accept my limitations.

Aniqa - and where is your blog, girl? I want to know the minutae of such things - the aqua slings backs AND the Malian festivals. I know I could go to your Facebook profile and probably find out everything, but I get lost in the fripperies. The need a beginners version without all the whistles.

Aniqa said...

Now Jeanie dearest, you know you are the writer/blogger. I just throw one liners or edit the hard work of others.

There is absoltuely nothing stopping you from looking at my photos in the three Mali albums. That way you don't get stuck with a stack of other peoples photos on your hard drive sucking up all the space.

I'm more than happy to send you some of the over 400 if you feel the need though.

You wouldn't believe how much of the French I've lost over the years actually came back when I needed it. Made myself understood most of the time (except in one hotel when the guy in the breakie room couldn't under stand that I'd paid for my breakfast with my room the night before, but that's another story). I was even regarded as one of our group with halfway decent French skills - goes to show how little the others had. Also shows how tolerant the Malian people are too. It's just lucky that they are more interested in communication than critising poor language skills. They don't care at all if you vous or not. Vive la Mali I say.

That being said, I am going back to classes cos I want to have more meaningful conversations this time. Although a lot can be said for drawing in the sand (of the Sahara, north of Timubktu) while trying to demonstrate a point to a passing Tuarag.

Anonymous said...

Putting my hand up as a facebook, bebo and any other social network failure, I absolutely suck when it comes to those things.
And oh you are getting married, how exciting, do tell, please, allow us all to live vicariously through you so that those of us who are sworn off the concept of marriage forever may enjoy the pretty frocks and flowers and lovely words that accompany one day.