Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prideth goes before a SMITE

Did you notice a few things about yesterday's post?

Yes, yes, I was a bit of a smug expletive, wasn't I? Don't worry, I paid.

And yes - the unborn was not mentioned ONCE - and today, I blame him/her (because heck, as was advised on the weekend, it ain't forever I can use the excuse).

So where were we? Oh yes, all feeling righteous because I had BLOGGED about my foolproof To Do List Strategy (tick), I had worked my way through that list (tick) and the day was still fresh enough for me to shower (tick), grab some groceries (tick), go up to the school to hand in fundraising money (tick), hand over some poetry CD's to 'Salina's teacher (tick) and have a great afternoon with my darling daughter.

Do you hear all that tick-tick-ticking?

Is it starting to sound ominously like a bomb to you?

I hit the showers and was happily being all self-satisfied and soapy when one of the synapses in my brain "twanged".

It twanged to the melody of "newsletter comes out today" (and yes, Rhubarb, it should have twanged when you mentioned your newsletter on Twitter in response to my righteousness) which set off a whole domino-effect of twangs.

Twang - P & C meeting was last night.
Twang - it was a great meeting.
Twang - someone was meant to write a report on the meeting because there were REALLY vital bits of information to be imparted.
Twang - darn - that would have been me.

One serving of VERY humble pie was eaten by me to the delight of the school staff and now I have a new rule:
    Rule Number 11:
  • Do not pay 100% attention to Jeanie, because her head is currently affected by the Unborn and is flat out remembering ... darn, I forgot - it was a good rule too


Anonymous said...

Well, use that unborn excuse for the duration. Then after that, you can use the post partum hormone excuse, plus sleep deprivation for a while. And having multiple offspring - which you can milk for quite some time. (Plus the indisputable fact that each time you give birth you patently lose brain cells, particularly those in the memory department.)

Then, as #1 approaches teenagerhood, you can blame that (that saying "they do my head in" is not just a flippant saying.)

And then, after all that, it's got to be the age thing.

In other words, dear Jeanie, you are in esteemed company here, and 'real friends' wouldn't be forcing any humble pie on you at all. Chuck it in the bin and have some choccy bickies with the rest of us as we share stories of all the stuff we forget to put on our daily lists in the first place!!!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I echo what was said above, because after all what is pregnancy if it can't be milked for all it's worth?

Debby said...

Stuff like that I can blame on chemo brain. Before chemo, I simply had to admit I was dumb as rocks.

Anonymous said...

Ha at your twangs. I did at least get the reprt and newsletter done. But today, flounder....

Alison said...

The other great thing about your unborn excuse is that when the great unborn is actually born.... the slate is magically wiped clean and everything you've used the unborn as an excuse for, is forgotten by all.

And... with all that twanging you could join a band lol

Jayne said...

It's an official medical condition referred to s CRAFT = Can't Remember A Flippin' Thing ;)
It hangs about for up to a year or so after the birth ;)

justme.jen said...

Wow, I've been away for far too long! In case I missed the original announcement (as I think I must have, Congratulations on the Incoming/Unborn! And LOL about your To Do List oops! You really should know by now that when everything seems to be ticking along so smoothly, you've forgotten something important... ;-p

BB said...

THey didn't RING you to remind you about it?? Aren't you Madam Pres?? Gosh, my lot ring and remind me then wait with coffee to look all righteous when I fly in the door...

Day Cares Phoenix AZ said...

Great post! Very interesting!

<3 Lindsay

MissyBoo said...

Ooops! I agree, milk the unborn excuse for all its worth! It's not actually an excuse, it's the truth - you do actually lose brain cells when your pregnant ('placenta brain' we like to term it here).

You will be glad to know some of them do come back after the unborns get born :)

Farmers Wifey said...

Blame the baby, get as much out of it as you can lolol...

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Jayne said it wrong. CRAFT lasts much longer than a year after the baby is born.

And I still think the 'smug' post was a goodie.