Friday, August 21, 2009


I blame the Tim Tams. Tim Tams, for those poor furriners who have never beheld the magic, are delicious and considered a good buy these days if you can get them for $1.99 (although there is a whole 'nother argument about the quantity of Tim Tams that you get for your $1.99).

Anyhow, they currently have a promotion going where you can win a year's supply of Tim Tams (or a holiday - who wants a holiday, I think it is a ruse...)

After I fished the empty packaging out of the rubbish (apparently there is a midnight snacker who pays no heed to the promotion on packaging he - oops, or she - is consuming) I went to enter the competition (because you will never win if you don't enter) and had a problem with the address. - do you see where I choked.

I remember DISTINCTLY learning that that final word was spelled "dilemna" and so, full of umbrage and ready to do a post about the education levels of modern marketing gurus, googled.

And guess what?

There is a whole raft of information out there for us poor misguided folk who have such misguided notions. (I am not the only one)

And then I truly encountered a dilemma. I couldn't find the unique promotional code.


I may have to buy another packet to see where they hide the code so I can enter - good enough reason for another pack, don't you think?


Ms Mac said...

I learned your spelling in school too! I had a thing about this not long ago (the "thing" was all in my head, like) so reading this has restored my faith in my own memory!

Jayne said...

I was taught to spell it "dilemna", too.
Ya know, if we keep spelling it like that and right clicking the underlined word and "add to dictionary" Firefox/Microsoft, et el will have to accept the dilemna spelling!
Or is that just another dilemna in the making...?

Tamsyn said...

The spelling really isn't worrying me... All I want is a years worth of Tim Tams! Thanks for the heads up, I will be entering after tomorrows grocery shop :)

Rhubarb Whine said...

Yep - I learned it one way, and teach it another. You are not alone!

Debby said...

Well, I agree that spelling is important, but Jeanie girl, you're losing track of the important thing. Free cookies. For a year. FOR A YEAR! They can spell dilemma/dilemna however they want, as long as I get free cookies out of the deal.

BB said...

How can I possibly be your sister and NOT spell dilemma with an 'n'?? Heavens... apparently you need to pay full price to get your unique promo code for comp? Talk about cutting off your Tim Tams to spite your... um... tastebuds!!
PS Word ver is 'feact'... don't be telling me that 'feat' has a silent 'c' in it now???

Dana said...

where is this special code? i am looking at my timtams pack (specially marked one too) and there are some scribbles on the side where the used by date is written but this you can not enter via keyboard (need to use wingdings...)
did anyone find out?

Kari said...

We spell it Dilemma here. This is a whole 'nother country though lol

What I want to know is this... what is a Tim Tam?

Leenie said...

Yeah, U.S. spellcheck does NOT dilemna. I just want to know what Tim Tams are!??!

Leenie said...

Just googled Tim Tams. Very Australian biscuits (cookies). Look wonderful. The GOOD news is...Pepperidge Farm (a goodie factory just down the road from here) has announced that these two varieties (original and carmel)will return with Classic Dark (NOW YER TALKIN')in October 2009 until March 2010 and at the same time every year.

I will be watching the grocer's shelf! No delemma here.

jeanie said...

Ms Mac - it is comforting that we were duped en masse, hey?

Jayne - apparently the Greek root is from "di" meaning two, and "lemma" which means assumption. Who'da thunk?

Tamsyn - ah, sometimes you need to walk the confectionary aisle to know what you're missing (although at our shop they had them handily placed at eye height near the checkout).

RW - how confusion. But I s'pose there are lots of things we learned in our day that are taught differently these days.

Debby - Tim Tams are not cookies - they are bickies (and the best - I now KNOW what I have to track down and send stateside for you to truly appreciate!!)

BB - Where did you hear that!!! Oh my, that is a whole 80 cents more (and then I look at the scales offered by Debby and think is it worth 80 cents).

Dana - first to find out posts here, okay?

Kari - yup, for once you guys were waylaid by wierd spelling. Oh - tim tam home page and its on Wiki entry. Next lesson will include throwbacks.

Leenie - oh wow!! You are a very lucky lady. The originals (which hopefully are available year round for you) are required for the most decadent way of eating them, though - throwbacks. I must post about it...

Debby said...

BB? 80 cents! I'm kind of with Jeanie. I suppose it would be a wrong thing to tear into a package of cookies you had no intention of buying to get the promo code to win free cookies (biccies?) for a year. (the answer is yes, isn't it?)


Jeanie, you know what you need to do. Free biccies for a year? Fork out the extra 80 cents, woman.

jeanie said...

Deb - I just finished buying the groceries. I looked at the tts - they are now 90 cents more. My 1.99 threshhold may soon be a historical watermark that slips into the "in the good old days" category. I had not thought of such larceny, however...

And no - I didn't succumb (yet)...

Unknown said...

I LOVE Tim Tams! My roommate taught school in New Zealand for a year and the only thing important she got from the whole experience was discovering Tim Tams ;-) They are so hard to find here in Utah. I finally found them at a specialty store called World Market (Debby, do they have this store in your neck of the woods?) and they are $5.99 (US) a pkg. But i splurge once in a while as they are so good. Have you heard of a Tim Tam Slam? Where you bite the ends off and suck milk through the Tim Tam and then it melts in your mouth...just heaven. I'm guessing you guys made this up as i can't imagine us Yanks coming up with it :-)

Sorry to ramble on, i usually only do this on BB's blog but i couldn't pass up the Tim Tams!

Brissiemum2 said...

Baahaaa! I have done exactly the same thing. Looked up how to spell dilemna or dilemma as the spelling I learnt comes up as an error (mind you, so is 'learnt' atm so is that incorrect as well??).

As as for Tim-Tams....for all of you who do not know, there is only one ultimate way to eat a Tim-Tam. Bite off both ends and 'suck' a warm drink (tea, coffe, hot choc) through the left-over middle bit. Then stuff the whole warm, slightly soggy biscuit in your mouth so that it melts. Omg! Heavenly!

Farmers Wifey said...

I buy my hubby and son a packet of Tim Tams every Friday for Friday Night Football, and I had to pick the pack with the competition on it. Now I hope they haven't thrown the wrapper out!!!!

timjim77 said...

Well this is an interesting Blog, but does the dilemna/dilemma still remain? Where is the unique code on the packs?

jeanie said...

timjim - unfortunately not yet, despite finding a trove at 1.85 recently... Either bb is right and the cut price ones don't have it (unlikely) or it is a ruse to make me fat (likely).

farmers wife - you are a very good wife. Did you find the code.

bm2 - ah yes - what do you call that? I call it a Tim Tam throwback, but according to my sister it is something different.

Kate - see above - a pure indulgence (especially at import prices!)