Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This whinge is brought to you by the letter I

You would think, after a near all-nighter the other night and brain-drain yesterday, when I flaked in bed at 9.40pm last night, I would stay there, wouldn't you?

I mean, it is what NORMAL people do, isn't it?

But no, insomnia came along and whispered to me at 10.00pm. Yes, so tired I dropped off and got a whole 20 MINUTES before I woke!!

By 10.30, I gave up. The good news is that I got a heap of housework done and caught up on a taped show that otherwise would have been buried before watching.

I didn't turn on the 'puter, because I knew that my brain wasn't quite up to logicking and therefore worktime would be wasted.

I got back to bed at 12 - but not before accidentally leaving a window open to allow Eddie to sneak out.

That would mean that my Eddie alarm-clock had been deactivated for the morning, but unfortunately couldn't turn off the old sun one, which is now set for 1/4 to 5...

So today - I am still on this last job... It should be rolled so quickly, but then one little problem emerges and it can take hours to pinpoint.

I do have high hopes of finishing today - although of course I have to go out twice for school things and V is home, which is NOT conducive to coding (love him dearly, don't need someone to offer me a rub or cuppa while trying to figure loops and breakpoints).

Then all I have to do is rearrange the house, clean, get Christmas gifts, install car seats, finalise stuff for end of year at school, pack a bag and get my head around having another child - after that, the baby is allowed out but NOT BEFORE.

Might even try and squeeze in that whole get fit, get beautiful and organise world peace while I am at it!!!

(Speaking of which - BB sent me a pic of the well-turned ankle - see end of post...)

I think it has turned - kicks are in different part, but still fairly transverse. I caved and bought a few mangoes yesterday (still cannot justify to my inner miser the $2.50 price tag) and am going to dole judiciously. V doesn't like them - unfortunately I taught 'Salina good taste and so will have to share a little.

(Oh - and the greatest pain of pregnancy is the complete lack of footwear available in my cupboard that offer anything in the way of style - actually, that is a general problem but can blame it on pregnancy - gotta get the mileage.)


Jayne said...

Love the footware, Jeanie, tres sensible, nothing like the silly frippery those fillies were literally turning their ankles in at the Melb Cup the other week ;)

BB said...

Oh poor kankles!! Go have a nap while everyone is out of the house...

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

I wore slippers everywhere at one stage with one of my pregnancies. NOTHING else would fit.

Not long to go now !!!!!

Want any help organising World Peace?

Debby said...

I remember the last weeks and my faithful Dr. Scholl's sandals. I can't stand the way flip-flops rub between the toes. Oh. Wait. You call them thongs. Well, I can't stand thongs either because I hate the way they...Well. never mind. I wore Dr. Scholl's sandals during my last weeks of pregnancy. Cara was born in January, which in this part of the world is the dead of winter. I wore Dr. Scholls with bright colored socks.

BTW, my WV is 'manic'.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I don't know how you manage insomnia. I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights mainly due to the heat and it's making me really grumpy and tired. It's not pretty let me tell you. My poor son came in early this morning and I said very abruptly, 'What'. He said plaintively that he just wanted a hug. I felt really mean.

Oh, and I didn't get fat feet when pregnant. Only a fat belly.

Anonymous said...

Owie, you poor chook. I think you should sit down and put your feet up.
I wish I could think of some magical cure for your insomnia, I don't know how you get through each day. At least you'll be well prepared for all those night feeds. Won't you?

Melody said...

My feet swelled for a few days 'after' I had Lily!! Figure that one out! Lucky for me I wear Birkenstocks (Madrid style) all year round...

Keep your feet up now while you can.

bigheadedbob said...

Can we have a guys opinion? Keep your feet in the air? Isn't that......never mind. When guys swell, we think we're sexy. All our love from Florida

Leenie said...

Weird how our heads won't turn off even when they are headed for a melt-down. Hope you get a moment for feet-up and a back rub before baby and Christmas.