Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Wrap

There are other posts I have written - or half-written - but be glad that the "post" button was passed over in favour of good taste (and the fear that the Gods of Irony will track me down and SMITE me for going close to taunting them).

Enough said that November has created a few new records in tripping us up. If it weren't for the whole "oh my, birthdays and Christmas and more birthdays" -ness of December I would be all for the referendum to get some December-savings-time installed round these parts.

  • I put my sewing machine in to get a service. Long story short, I don't have a sewing machine any more
  • We put the mower in for a service. It now does work better - granted - but the off position is now full throttle and the start position is about a whisker away. However, the Mower Man we took it to - disappeared.
  • We discovered the kettle was not so much overboiling and leaving a puddle through excitement as it was just plain leaking. Not an attractive trait in a kettle.
  • The car is still going. Hooray.
  • The lights in half the house keeled over last week. On the plus side, very romantic dinners (as romantic as dinners get with an eleven year old and a 10.5 month old). The electrician did come and patched them up. We need to get him back as our electricity bill is double the average, and we are frugal. When he comes back, he may never leave...
  • and then today - well, let us just say the mantra "its only money" is being fervently recited whenever we start to twitch

As my father oft used to quote, the "Cow's gone dry and the hens won't lay" sort of month around here.

Still, its not all doom and gloom.

Both of my new jobs are going a treat, and my clients are all quite happy in my off-time work. My main job has a NAB bank account - NAB is one of the biggest banks in Australia and they stuffed up HUGELY this week, and the role I am most loved for by my colleagues - payroll - wasn't such a winner for them when it came Friday and there was STILL no change in their bank accounts... That being said, the boss shouted us all dinner and drinks at a swank restaurant for Christmas. I left V at home with the sick baby and pre-teen, but had VERY firm instructions to come home... Apparently the aim of the game was to get hammered, as it is an annual tradition, but I had a good excuse this year. See, I don't do hammered these days...

'Salina is growing up and learning lessons - not all of them are painful. She got her ears pierced for her birthday and oh my! doesn't it make her look all grown up...

Paris started a new daycare and hasn't been kicked out yet. Of course, in the 5 days she has been booked in to attend, she has missed 2 due to ear infections - and very nearly missed a 3rd because Mummy accidentally took Daddy's car keys to work. Oops.

V is going well and being an excellent house-husband - he even cooked his first ever lamb roast (and it was beautiful).

And we got to walk - for free - to the beach - for free - this afternoon and revel in Paris' first day enjoying sand and splashing. Hooray for no whistling wind, no more ear infection and a sunshiney day - and the freedom to revel in what really matters in Paradise.

If you want photos, head over to my sister's - she has some gorgeous ones of Paris!


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

OH Jeanie , my what a busy bird you have been.
Hope you get all things fixed ...
That NAB has a lot of explaining to do.
We've had that problem too with all & sundry going wrong but hey not everything.
Glad you are enjoying your new job and Paris is settling in almost at daycare. A relief I am sure;)
It's been a while between comments , I won't be so tardy next time.

mamabook said...

Your December post has brought to mind this time last year when the car died a week before Christmas. Quite the adventure! Lovely reading... Michelle

Melody said...

I dunno about you but the days/months are flipping through rather quickly this year don't you think? ANd it is not very long until MissParis turns the big 1!

Debby said...

I can scarce believe that Paris is nearly a year old already. It was about this time also, that your commenters went a little nuts last year. Blog hijacking? I dunno nuthing about no blog hijacking...

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhh those photos of Paris are so beautiful ...her dark eyes are amazing!

The pendulum will swing again for you financially ...and in the meantime you are obviously a girl who knows how to count her blessings.

Jayne said...

Good grief, it HAS been almost a year!
How about those wild days in Copenhagen, eh?
Fingers crossed the arky-sparky stuff stops gouging your hip pocket.

Farmers Wifey said...

wow your November was as busy as mine...except your sewing machine is in for a service and mine hasn't even been taken out of the box yet!

Just started following you on twitter....if you haven't done so already, would you take a minute to vote for me here..on page 1, I'd be so grateful xx