Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rearranging the Deckchairs

This post was started a week ago.

It still hasn't been posted.

Not because it is traumatic, but because on the scale of prompt blogging, I would be way down the bottom - buried in the mud.

Therefore I will edit a bit, and I will just hit publish when the big girl gets home from school - its to dig myself out of the mud (and to get that whole "unedited post at the top of your list = another day when I haven't got around to ticking it off the list" feeling out) (even though its not on my list for today) (I don't have a list for today) (which might be the problem).

Anyhow, Today is Sunday was a much anticipated day here in Paradise.

It is was the day where we lose lost an office - but gained a "big girl".

The day where we lose a roommate - and gain privacy.

The day where we

  • get rid of skanky old furniture that was useful but not loved
  • discover we have absolutely NO STORAGE except said skanky furniture
  • find that we STILL can't find the phone we lost months ago
  • box up/move existing boxes of office stuff to that corner of the verandah that was our office storage unit last time we did this for months
  • vacuum and vacuum and vacuum
  • find stuff that hasn't been used for years and make HARD decisions
(got sick of all that formatting)

It has now been 5 whole days of "mines room", and I would have to declare the adventure totally successful. The day starts with a little "'ood morning" from Paris, and then, with an added note of wonder "mines room" - this phrase then gets used about 1000 times before bed time, always with the note of wonder and joy.

As to our room - well, let me just say it is VERY nice to not have to share it with anyone other than V. The office space is lovely too - so sparse and clean.

Our front verandah, however? Well, lets just say that storage is on the "list of things to contemplate" over the next little while.


BB said...

Yay!!! Paris is a BIG BIG girl now... we will have to come and inspect her OWN WOOM!

Great news for your sleep too, I would say?


Debby said...

Aw! How cute is that? 'Mines room'.

Is that the mystery? Because really, I've been waiting for you to announce that you are preggers. Waiting expectantly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so gorgeous, nothing beats someone who actually stays in their own woom!