Sunday, December 18, 2011


As 'Salina says, it is New Years Eve Eve today - and we were hit with the hard question of "when we were going to let her stay up until" - which I know is gramatically incorrect in so many ways, but then, look at her mother.

We have answered in stellar parental style "we will discuss and see".

The discussion in my head thinks that it may be a good idea to link it to the year in which she can engage in family activities such as washing-up or folding without prompting from adults. he he he - never one to discount an opportunity for a little honest bribery. V will probably be thinking along the lines of when she can vote. I am hoping mine comes through for her first.

Since last we met (well, since last I wrote), we have
  • celebrated Paris' birthday,
  • nursed ear infections,
  • endured Christmas (Bush Babe paints a beautiful Christmas shared - be thankful there wasn't sound, because she would have had to dub certain sections consisting entirely of screams from where I was sitting - one New Years Resolution is to slowly widen Paris social circle and acceptance of groups in her "zone"),
  • enjoyed moments of familial togetherness,
  • gardened,
  • demolished old garden beds,
  • rejoiced in Paris returning to a semblance of good humour,
  • beached (another New Years Resolution does contain something about blubber proportions in there),
  • ate (yeah, about that Resolution - note the term "New Year"?) and
  • discovered Doc Martin (well, we already had discovered, more like we devoured it - got Series 1 for Christmas then purchased Series 2 and 3 on the flimsy pretext of an early V birthday present).

We are all looking forward to a 2012 and the unwritten pages waiting for us to write across them.

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe and happy New Year.


BB said...

Yay! She's wearing her pink tutu! Happy New Year to my family in Paradise.
Hugs from the bush

Tamsyn said...

Happy New Year xx