Friday, March 22, 2013

Paradismal Displays and Diction Delight

It is so rare that I would write a post that was all images with few words - true.  However, it is rare that I would post these days full stop. 
Life, hey - it sometimes takes up way too much of your time.  

The weather has not been conducive to frolic, and the enthusiasm that should accompany autumn seems to be hiding around some not yet met corner. 

I am blessed, because I have a teenager who, when I look at her, I see someone who I probably would have liked hugely when I was her age, 
and from a child to parent angle I am offering abject apologies to my own parents for some of my more melodaramatic explosions at that age

and profuse thanks that she has handled things with a great deal more grace and aplomb than I ever did.  
It is early days, true, so allow me to wallow in the vainglorious hope that this will continue.  

I am blessed, because I have a tall, shy, enthusiastic, mummy-loving girl who surprises with her imagination 
and language exploration yet still can be unintelligible on occasion because she mixes up consonants and tries to say it all at once while hopping and spinning. 

I am blessed, because my home is nurtured by someone who loves me and our family and who tills the soil 
and encourages dreams and fiercely protects all of his girls from the world and themselves.  

I am blessed, because I do have a wonderful support group of family and friends and memories of great people in my life.  

I am blessed because there is currently enough work for me to earn money by my skills and labour with a great bunch of people. 

There is a lot unsaid in this post in regard to the clouds (not mine but I get to brush amongst it), but I am extremely thankful for the light that filters through.


Debby said...

So very nice, Jeanie. I've gotten into the habit of being grateful on my way home from work. I am surprised at how much I am grateful for.

BB said...

As we are grateful for you. Beautifully written. And GREAT pics!

Debby said...

BTW The 'paradismal' popped into my head this morning and made me laugh out loud. Leave it to me to finally 'get' the joke a full day later. :O

Carol Alex said...

Hi, I finally jumped over here from BB's blog and WahLah, more great pics and interesting writing. You made me remember some of my own teenage angst with this post. I think I was called a brat more than a few times in those years and my daughter was an angel most of the time. I think I got lucky for sure with her. Now my son, not so much, he got called brat a few times and ended up just great. Lucky I say, LOL
Carol Alex

jeanie said...

Thanks Debby - I like to play with words!

The pictures were created for me BB - plain luck the phone caught them!

Welcome Carol - you caught me in a pictorial mood. I was a shocking teenager, so I live in perpetual fear (although BB and often joke that she could have 'Salina and I could have Violet and no-one would be the wiser)

Carol Alex said...

Hey Jeanie, glad I you figured this out. You know, I have friends who are sisters with daughters and they say the same thing. really funny thing is it's true, the personalities fit pretty well.
Now below this comment I must prove I am not a robot, LMBO! It must be to hold back the crazies?

jeanie said...

Ah yes - I went without a filter for a few months last year and the robots are truly crazy (I even posted a few times about how crazy!

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

Wonderful life, and wonderful attitude to go with it!

jeanie said...

Thanks Sharon - I have tried the stinking attitude, and have found it wanting greatly!!

Carol - the other night BB told me a story about Violet that proved there is definitely a link - and my daughter often tells me that BB does understand her far better than I.

carol alex said...

HA! funny, that's always the way kids see it. Didn't you feel that way when you were her age. Amazing what a little life experience teaches us.