Friday, July 19, 2013

Vignette - or is that vingette? Or vinegarette? Anyhoo, little bits of life right now...

I went to a photography exhibition and saw something that reminded me of work (and now, not the toilet part)

I stayed at the most gorgeous B&B with views (thanks Mum & Dad)

I saw rainbows

I saw people who really needed help

and people who were happy to help

I have spent hours on the phone and talking face to face with people and verifying forms and filling documents and pushing with bureacracy and photocopying and photographing and driving and  folding piles and international land deals and phone calls I should have made to embassies and small organisation machinations and impossible demands and wins and water and husky voice and rusted cars and mandarines and despair and delightful roses

 ...  well, what can I say, it has been a week.

How was yours?


Kelly said...

Lots of emotional highs and lows this week, but isn't that just the way life is?

I will say, that's certainly an interesting toilet seat! :)

Lovely rainbow. It's been awhile since I've seen one.

Debby said...

Um...I knew you went to see Jenny w/BB. But after that, well, you lost me, sister.

shishyboo said...

loved seeing your slice of life, thanks :)

jeanie said...

Hi there Kelly - it is. My current job is definitely one of highs and lows. One upside of our current weather pattern here is I do get to see rainbows.

Debby - mainly worky related stuff - story of my life.

Shish - cheers. How is yours going?

Anonymous said...

That second image is simply stunning. Stunning. As for your garden post, which I somehow missed (????) It's GREAT! Please join the collective!?