Saturday, March 01, 2014

Ten things - the whipper-snippers / adolescents comparison thing-ie

1)      Getting them started requires a lot of grunting and muttering.
2)      Once started, they splutter, choke and roar demanding attention.
3)      They always require more fuel than you imagine.
4)      They are extremely effective in blasting away ephemeral detritus, overblown superfluities and glass panels in back doors.
5)      Just when you think they are doing a good job, they take offence at whim and chuck a hissy fit, requiring more rope, more food, more absurd behaviour until they suddenly gallop away again in the right-ish direction.
6)      They think that one hour is enough work for a weekend.
7)      They stink, even when they have washed.
8)      The whole “sum of the noise of two whipper snippers” whole being greater than the parts debate.  That.
9)      They require you to block your head from their emissions – aural and nasal - for fear of permanent injury to your neurons.
10)   It is rumoured that there are whipper snippers out there who disprove the whole generalisation of an appliance theory.  In fact, a friend of a friend of a friend heard of one that  was compliant, beautiful to behold, would weekend warrior and weed whack whole gardens, combined grace with old fashioned charm and whose modulated tones were elixir to the ear, odour most joyous to the nose.  Perhaps it is true.


Kelly said...

Whipper-snipper. That's a new term for me. But now that's I've gathered it's the same as a weed-eater, I can certainly see the comparisons!

Leenie said...

Whipper Snappers. Although they do carry around a rank scent and tend to become obnoxious in groups of any size--even one, and have aversion to any kind of work; still keep the world spinning with their enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Love your list and hope you get a pony even if you never master riding a bicycle.

CrazedNitwit said...

You can't say I never warned you…….LOL.

Debby said...

I think it's lies. My whipper snappers bore no resemblance to the fictional charactor in the last paragraph. The smell of mine was not odorous in body, but reeked to high heaven of whatever the current favorite scent. 'Axe' makes my eyes water to this day.