Friday, August 02, 2019

Tooth Fairy

Paris lost another tooth tonight.  The whole tooth fairy business seems to go in waves, and we have been caught somewhat offguard by this third round.  Just when I think I nearly have a handle on this whole motherhood gig, another sideways kneecapping.  Darned Imposter Syndrome!

The new job is going wonderfully well.  Still pinching myself.

There is one downside of my job, however, is the very dry but daily awareness that there are people out there having less than stellar things going on in their lives.

But then, there are diamonds and there are stones everywhere, it seems.

Paris' week, however, has had its fantastic moments - and those in the not so fantastic realm.

She told me tonight about some of the things that may be connected to her bad dreams in the last few nights.

She feels so deeply sometimes.

(Hey, she is now 9 - there are still some things that she feels shallowly or not at all.

This is one of the "fantastic" things she has brought home from school this week -


The currency in TF land has had its highs and lows over the years (sometimes fuelled by the guilt of tardiness)

And the cover has been blown for longer than she has been alive.

The tooth that fell out tonight was a pretty interesting one.  Whether through natural wear of the movement of position that braces and headgear have wrought, it wasn't as smooth, or indeed as molarish as one would have expected.  And I hope that she will be chuffed that TF recognised this.  And I hope that she knows that TF is on her side toon.


Kelly said...

If the tooth fairy still visits for molars, she's a lucky girl. That didn't happen around here.

jeanie said...

The precedent was set by Daddy TF, when TWO molars fell out a few weeks ago... One good thing about all the dental intervention is at least we are semi-warned when some are going to bail on us.

BrightenedBoy said...

My siblings and I used to take so much delight engineering evidence for all the supernatural creatures our youngest sister believed were traipsing through our house. There were normal ones like Santa and the Tooth Fairy, and then a few interloping Christmas elves and a sweet-toothed Sasquatch called the Chocolate Monster, who apparently lived in a land of chocolate but had no greater aspiration in life than to nick Hershey's pieces from our kitchen. Fun times.

Debby said...

Coooooooooommmee baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

jeanie said...

Oh BrightenedBoy - I am so unused to comments I completely missed yours for several months!! I do apologise. I do hope your younger sister was dutifully appreciative of the efforts that you and your siblings went to.

My sister and I dressed our baby brother up as various versions of Santa each year for our parents' entertainment.

And Debbie - I did.