Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the winner is...

50 comments from 28 wonderful people have made my happy in the last week!!! (well, 51, but one was spam and it didn't make me happy so I am so not putting that in the hat).

They were:

alice from Down the Rabbit Hole
Alison from Three Times Kewl
Aniqa from my past and she really needs to get a blog!!!
baby-amore from My Little Drummer Boys
Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) from Bush Babe
Cathy from Arkie Mama
Christie from I Miei Pensieri
debby from Life's Funny Like That
Hilary from Hilary's Heaven
JaniceNW from Twist and Skewer
Jayne from Our Great Southern Land
Jen at Semantically Driven from Semantically Driven
Jenni from Prairie Air
Julie Pippert from Julie Pippert: Using My Words
Kelly from Magneto Bold Too!
Lin from Hold On Tired
Magic Bellybutton from Magic Bellybutton
Mama Zen from The Zen of Motherhood
Melody from Big Little Sister
mommamia from Mia's World
nomesquelife from Nomesque Life
Pencil Writer from Pencils and Post-it Notes
Queen of Shake Shake from The Queen of Shake-Shake
Rootietoot from Because it Really Is Personal
shishyboo from Shishyboo's HeyThisIsMeLikeItOrLumpIt
The Palms from Days in Paradise
tiff from Three Ring Circus
Tracey from Crazy Trace

So, print them off...
Cut them up...

Put them in a hat...
And the winner is: shishyboo from Shishyboo's HeyThisIsMeLikeItOrLumpIt!!!!

Congratulations - you win this:

I have sent you an email!


shishyboo said...

thankyou x x x

Maude Lynn said...

"Cows to Copulation" - that is just classic!

Brissiemum2 said...

Awwww damn! I missed this! Too busy with family sagas! I feel left out! :( ;)

Debby said...

Cows to Copulation?!!!!

Okay. What about giving the rest of us losers a bit of that one?

Jayne said...

Well done Shishyboo :)

BB said...

Congrats and Damn!!!
I was getting all competitive about this then realised warming up for being drawn out of a hat would be a bit silly. And you know I'll come back and comment on ya anyway... I've been commenting for thirty *cough cough* years - it's my job!!

Debby said...

Boy, BB, it took you many years to say your first word. Wasn't your family worried just a little?

Debby said...

Boy, BB, it took you many years to say your first word. Wasn't your family worried just a little?

Melody said...

Lucky shishyboo...

Rootietoot said...

You're funny!