Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today has been going on for soooo long

and we still have a chunk of time yet to reach 9am.

I awoke I know not when or why, but it was dark and cold and obviously very, very early. Threads of my dreams immediately coagulated into blog ideas.

As I was sifting through them in an attempt to find that elusive trail that leads back to the other side to resume dreaming, my bladder kicked in and advised me that there were better places to be.

Sure - better places to be than in my nice warm bed with my darling right beside me snoring sleeping soundly? A small battle of wills took place, but as usual, bladder won.

Now, generally I sleep like a log - crash when I go down right through to when I get up.

However, if that continuous loglike-behaviour is disturbed in any way I have a tendency to not be able to go back to sleep for ages. Like ages and ages. Like unless I don't need to get up for a few good hours, it is best that I don't even try to go down again.

Of course, given the cold snap and the warm delights my bed offered and the fact that the clock said 3.45am, I forgot this and did give it a shot.

I snuggled down and cuddled up to my sweetie - who grunted and rolled to the extremity of the bed.

I tried to think all sorts of dreamy thoughts - but blog posts kept jumping up at me and getting written in my head. Far superior posts than this one. Ones about genealogy and genetic predispositions and poetry and power dynamics in family structures and technological influences and textbooks and school teachers and torment and - just about any topic my mind skipped across became a mind blowing blog.

Of course, all this took place in my bed, not in front of the computer - the results speak for themselves really - so I moved my mind on to more logical things. Things like food and housework and work and money and budgeting and oh my, there is no cold meat for sandwiches and what do I need to buy for dinner tonight.

The minutes trudged along, and so several hours later at 4.23am I got up to do rather than lie there and ponder.

I thought I would be kind to my darling V, so rather than my habitual click on the computer as I rose I thought I would tackle housework at the other end of the house. Aren't I nice?

I cleaned the kitchen and found a recipe for corned beef fritters, as we had left-over corned beef (and vegetables - I have a habit of hiding vegetables in everything) and my daughter had loved SSB's last time we visited Granite Glen and I needed to have something to put in her school lunchbox.

I was chipper. The radio was (quietly) playing really woeful country music (not because I am a fan, but because the station I listen to for the news plays really woeful country music at ungodly hours), I was putting together a treat for my family and my to-do list was awesomely structured in my head.

And then? Well, then my darling sweet V came into the kitchen and pissed me right off managed to upset my equilibrium.

How can you do so with one so buoyant at 5.27am, you ask?

Step 1. Greet your beloved with the words "Hello alarm clock". Ensure that the tone you chose is one that indicates you have not entered the waking world happily and intend that feeling to radiate.

Step 2. Do not offer a kiss, a hug or even a meeting of eyes - instead shield them and say "F*$& its bright in here".

Step 3. And really, this is the most important step. Do the above WITHOUT CONSULTING THE CALENDAR. Or do so. Which ever. But any other week the response might be "oh I am sorry, light of my life" with a bit of understanding. This week - well, let me just say a little time out was called for before I got around to apologising for trying to be quiet and industrious while my family enjoyed their kip (oh, and subsequently also apologising for turning into a banshee and storming out of his vicinity, flicking off the light switch and swearing profusely - or something).

Hey look at that - its still before 9 - time to generate that awesome To-Do list and start ticking. Just don't be ticking me off. Its not advised. Consider this a mental health warning for all of us.

Oh, and in case you are worried - V still has all body parts intact, including his love and understanding for me, crazy hormones and all. Well, at least I think he does.

Hmm, I had best go downstairs and see if his fishing gear is still here.


Maude Lynn said...

My undersized bladder is always waking me at some ungodly hour. And, of course, I can't go back to sleep!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Once I wake up I have to go to the toilet too. Very annoying!

I also write wonderful posts when I'm not at the computer.

lightening said...

I think I've forgotten what an early morning looks like. :/ Hope the rest of your day goes well. :)

Jayne said...

Oh I hate the bladder alarm clock thing in the wee small hours (pun intended :P )

Alison said...

We could have been early morning buddies today. Sounds like it's better we weren't :P
Isn't it annoying when you get up really early and later it feels like it's after 4pm, but you're not even past lunch yet? I think so.
Hope you can set your alarm for a bit later tomorrow.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

So frustrating ...
I lie in bed composing posts in the middle of the night squandering precious sleep/dream time ... then when I rouse with my two little alarm clocks I don't have time to jot them down and forget.

Lin said...

lol, I very rarely used to have trouble getting back to sleep after a toilet visit, UNTIL I started a blog. Most of the blog posts I write in my head in the middle of the night never get published; those that do are nowhere near as good as the 3am versions.

And I know it wasn't funny at the time, but I had to laugh out loud at your description of V risking his life.

Debby said...

PMS sucks.

Pencil Writer said...

Oh, the memories! I can't begin to tell you of all the wonderful poems, music, stories I've "written" (composed) in my head during the almost awake time and figured I'd remember it later and write it down then . . . yeah. May you and V have a better afternoon than morning. And a better tomorrow.

alice said...

I blog in my head at night, too. They are amazing. Truly - works of art in words. Of course, they fly away when the keyboard wakes up...

Anonymous said...

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