Friday, June 20, 2008

Things I have been Memeing to Tell You...

Lani, mum of Boo tagged me because Alison tagged her to do the Six Question Meme. Here are the rules:

I have to:

Answer 6 questions about myself
  • At the end of the post, tag 6 people and post their names
  • Go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read my blog
  • Then, I must let the person who tagged me know when I’ve posted my answers

Places I have Lived
  1. For a long, long time, the ONLY place I lived was on my family property in Central Queensland;
  2. Then, as you know, I lived at boarding school for five years;
  3. I studied and lived in Brisbane (1 college, 2 share houses - 4 flatmates);
  4. Did 7 years in Sydney (7 share houses - 18 flatmates (although 3 of them were in more than one house) - and 1 flat all by myself (after I got rid of a hangover flatmate from the previous share house));
  5. I lived in Melbourne for 1 year (3 share houses - 7 flatmates) but found that although I could live with the crappy weather and despite the lifestyle being fantastic, the city was too small for one ill-advised romance, the ex and me;
  6. I moved back to Brisbane to study and rethink life (1 share house - 7 flatmates) and then fell in love (2 houses - 1 partner and baby), and separated (3 houses - 6 flatmates) over the next 6 years;
  7. Then I came up to Paradise for a myriad of reasons, including the home I now live in - with V and 'Salina.
So added up, that is 23 addresses and, not counting blood family, college or boarding school, 44 people who I have lived with!!!

What I Was Doing 10 Years Ago
In 1998 I had just moved back to Brisbane.

I was living in an awesome share house, working as a temp at Mack Trucks - as a PA originally, but it had morphed into building a database because Y2K was coming and a rocket had been put under upgrading some systems that were archaic and not working correctly. As I started work at 7.30 and it was Winter, my old Hiace campervan would require a clutch start 9 times out of 10 - the 10th would require a reverse clutch start at the top of the first hill!!

Every Wednesday night you could find me at Cafe Bohemia with bunch of other poets - this cafe was a venue for a lot of bohemian activity, and also had a chess evening on Tuesdays, Irish music on Sundays and a jam session most other evenings. (I actually met 'Salina's dad at the Boho).

Most other nights I would be found on our front verandah (which had a fantastic view of the city) with my flatmates and various other drop ins over bottles of wine and feasts either I had concocted or had come from the great Thai takeaway 8 minutes walk away. Occasionally I would go to other friends armed with food or wine and do basically the same thing!!

My sister lived on the other side of Brisbane so we had a tradition of meeting up most weeks.

Five things on my to do list today
  1. Tuckshop
  2. Crash
  3. Start washing
  4. Dinner
  5. Seduce V

(That was yesterday's list - when I started this meme - obviously the list distracted me! Here is the real today.)
  1. Start washing (tick)
  2. Write blog (tick)
  3. Stocktake cupboards and write shopping list
  4. Do budget and go shopping
  5. Seduce V
Snacks I enjoy
Salt & Vinegar chips, soft (but not too soft) licorice, dark chocolate, nuts...

What I would Do if I was a Billionaire
Hmmm - travel with my family, buy a bush block and build our dream home and garden, ensure 'Salina got a good education and start on her life, set up trusts for good causes and ideas, give to friends and extended family if they had need of it, donate to charity. Oh, and get a wedding organiser who could make decisions for me!

People I Would Like To Know More About
See, a lot of the reason that yesterday list was more enticing than pushing publish (well, a bit of the reason) was the "who to hand the poison chalice baton to" quandry. If you haven't done this meme yet and would enjoy doing it (I did) give me a heads up in the comments and I will tag you properly - or improperly informally - how does that sound?

Yeah, I know - sort of like a cop out!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ms Jeanie, 23 addresses & 44 housemates?? Ummm, I can't even begin to count back over my past residences.... but I do know it has been 13 residences over the last 11 years! Who knows how many during the previous, um, could it really be.... 17 years!? No moving plans for quite a few years into the future now LOL! I hope you'll be blessing me with a visit in the not so far distant future?? See, I really do read your blog ;-)

jeanie said...

Could that be Ms K? Do you know, it should be 45 housemates - I forgot the time you came for a few months visit!!!

Nice to see you really do read me.

Debby said...

I hate moving. But I like this tag. The answers are always fascinating, and make me feel dull as dishwater....

MissyBoo said...

What an impressive number of residences and flatmates. V is a very lucky man being seduced 2 nights in a row ;)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Wow - you have had an interesting life to date to Jeanie.

LOL - V is a lucky man.

Alison said...

Yes, I am liking this meme, too. I love hearing about people's lives.
23 addresses and 44/45 house mates! Wow! There must be some super kewl life experiences in there!

Anonymous said...

I have been tagged for this a few times, really should do it cause it would totally freak some people out!

Have only had one flatmate though. And she was PSYCHO!

Julie Pippert said...

That is a lot of addresses (says the one who could possibly rival the list).

At least you are in paradise now. :)

Your ten years ago sounds like a grand time.

Maude Lynn said...

Forty four housemates? I wouldn't have made it. Or, a housemate wouldn't have made it! I know it wasn't all at the same time, but, wow!

BB said...

Ah Jeanie... I remember many of these homes well! And many of those housemates too... hello Aniqua!! We are a pair of gadabouts, aren't we? Funny how we came back close to roost though. There's some kinda moral there, I am sure.

You spurred me to complete mine too. See how I fared!!

PS Too much info re: V. I have to look this man in the eye remember!

Debby said... Granite Glen girls are quite the adventurers. I liked reading the story of you.

I guess BB never seduces SSB then? Maybe you'd best sit down and have a chat with your sister.

jeanie said...

debby - when you can fit it all in two cars or a van (as happened in most of those moves) moving is nowhere near as traumatic. I didn't mean to make anyone sound dull, honestly - I think its all about spin!

V is a very lucky man, full stop, Me & Boo - I try to remind him of that often.

baby amore - see responses to Debby & Me & Boo - mind you, I did make a few life decisions earlier in life that could either be described as "exciting" - or "stupid".

alison - I started yarning with V about a few of the houses and I think there are a few recountable adventures...

kelley - I have a theory that could be applied to poets or flatmates - and that is there is a fixed number of psychos, just depeneds how much they are wated down by the not so psychos in the group - asking for trouble only having one!!!

julie - my family have a habit of putting my address in pencil! It was a wonderful time - as is now...

mama zen - yeah, that number sort of crept up!

bush babe - ah yes, you got to see a few of those and meet a few of those. I rely on your selective memory skills to always be able to be able to look others in the eye - as you do me, hey? (well, okay, but if there ever was a situation where I would be required to show discretion I would darling...)

debby - she never seduced SSB publicly on her blog - or in front of guests - and you notice how many guests she gets? But there are many days in between that I am sure she only PRETENDS to forget the fun seduction can be...

Jayne said...

Call me when you open the salt & vinegar chips...and the licorice...and the dark choccie....oh, and the nuts! :P

Anonymous said...

mmmm salt and vinegar chips...

BB said...

Oh Deb and Jeanie... someone wise once said something about mystery being essential!! Just cause you don't see it or read it doesn't mean it doesn't happen...