Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ticking off the list - the GREAT GARAGE sale

Of course I didn't mention this yesterday. Had I mentioned it yesterday, then my beloved Maroons may not have crushed the cockroaches so convincingly and I would not have been sitting here quite so smug today.
But of course, I had to do something for my boys in preparation. Newcomers to my blog may not know that I have ingeniously combined superstition and sporting dreams. So far in blogging history we have only had a 66% win/loss ratio, but the good news is that you apparently are always a winner when the to do list gets checked!!!

So - what DID I do that was powerful enough to drag the team who were pulverised in the first game up to a level that they not only held the Blues to nil, but kept them from even seeing the end of the park that would have given them hopes of any points?

I. Cleaned. The. Garage.

Well, okay - I didn't - not by myself - V and I with 'Salina as a cheer squad got the main workload out of the way on the weekend. It has only been an oft talked about concept, but finally we took advantage of the Queen's Birthday to dismantle the pile of crap and turn it into piles of opportunity.

But yesterday - the day my internal gods deem I have to find a mountain to move to convert into brownie points so my football team can spifflicate the defence?

  • I MADE the phonecall to organise advertising for the garage sale.
  • I SORTED the boxes and piles into a promotional masterpiece designed to entice the masses from their hard earned 5 and 10 cent pieces.
  • I THREW OUT all the crap that I didn't even think work 5c.

Did it work? Well, do you see the happy dance I am doing here?

Of course, it is possible that including Prince in the side - and the other 20 or so boofy blokes - may have had something to do with it!


Tracey said...

And I did the right thing by not bloody watching it!

Debby said...

Really, Jeanie, it was the garage sale. It is a universal truth. The exodus from matter from a huge stock pile of matter to various stock piles of matter in OTHER people's home...all that matter moving about created a shift in the universe, and so your team kicked butt. That's what happened. Oh. And just a warning. I'm in the middle of a hoe-out too. I've got a pile of clothes on the bed in the spare bedroom. I'm even getting rid of antique furniture. I've got too much stuff and I'm choking to death on it. We'll also have Amish furniture at our yard sale. Not to mention household appliances, grown up children's toys and video games. Really all manner of things. My sister is going to manage the sale. She has a ton of stuff to get rid of as well. I'm just warning you ahead of time. The movment of that amount of matter may knock the universe out of orbit. (Oh I hope so anyways...)

Debby said...

Um, not that the universe gets knocked out of orbit, but that there is a huge exodus of matter from my house. Side note. My sister loves yard sales and was always buying little things for me. I know that she loves me dearly, and I don't take that for granted, but I finally bawled "NO MORE STUFF!!!"

David said...

I love the Buddhists and their concept of getting rid of everything. Imagine being in a place where you need not the crap we have in our lives? Feels good just to get rid of some of it I'm sure.
Cute post!

Anonymous said...

ugh, I need to clean my garage and have a garage sale. It's ridiculous right now.

Unknown said...

Jeanie, there is nothing like clearing the decks: so I think that garage clearing and assorted sundry activities did do the trick. Can't have the Mighty Maroons tripped up by our clutter can we. Maybe if I had stayed home for the weekend and cleared out the carport Jonathan Thurston would have had a try to convert and thus break Meninga's SOO goal kicking record? Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Blessings and bliss

Anonymous said...

spifflicate... what a totally awesome word.

I wish I could get my shite together to have a garage sale. Wanna come and sort my mountains of junk, I mean highly desirable goods?

Melody said...

I should give you some of our stuff to sell! We too had a big clean up on the Queen's B'day weekend.

Jayne said...

What is this sport of which you drool?
If it doesn't involve Aussie Rules football and boys in tighter than tight footy shorts...I'll be browsing through your pile of 10 cent goodies lol :P

Unknown said...

Jayne, the drooling is about Rugby League - Queensland style and as practised in that venue of Queensland Rugby League worship, State of Origin.

I reckon League footballers wear some pretty short shorts - but some are modest and wear black lycra undernearth! But if you want to have a look at a body and you are an AFL fan living in Melbourne, take a wander by Olympic Park when the Melbourne Storm are playing and have a look at Billy Slater - formerly of Innisfail, North Queensland.

Now Billy is your compact model, but if you could see him wandering back from the showers after an at home match in The Cauldron you would know how beautifully he is built. And, wow, can he run! And that's just one: there's Cam Smith, Storm captain, Queensland captain, and Australian Captain. He's rather purty!

Blessings and bliss

jeanie said...

Tracey - that was probably the straw we needed for the win.

Debby - have you seen under our house? Definitely affect the universe balance! So who will you use your powers to help?

David - great concept, obviously not many buddhist philosophers with daughters who really, really, really need more stuff - or relatives (heck, sometimes even mothers) who will buy it for them.

ShamelesslySassy - a few years after it reached that stage is when we decided to do so!!! Thanks for visiting.

Miss Eagle - Ah - so that is why JT didn't get the record? I wondered what universal force was in place there.

Kelly - our family has been spifflicating for years, but you are welcome to become a spifflicater also!

Jayne - it is not for the eye candy that RL is king here. It is for the biff, the buff and the sheer muscles (nicely decorated in some cases these days!). If I want to watch tight shorts I am not averse to putting on the aerial ping-pong. (Taking the mick right there - I quite like ballet for boys).

Thanks for the stand up Eagle - I used to go to a college across the road from the Broncos club, and lived up the road from the Gabba - all I can say is there is plenty to appreciate...

Crazed Nitwit said...

PUT your clothes back on! no nekkid happy dances after age 4!!!

Sounds like you got mucho done. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Alison said...

Clear outs take far more effort than a little game of football.
You so won this round, Jeanie!