Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The silver lining

The day started a tad early to my liking.

3am, and my mind, seeing a chink in my consciousness, whirred into overdrive.

Every time sane me would plea "more sleep please" it would take a tangent and weave an elaborate list of what I should do, what I need to do, how much I need to do it and why.

At 3.11 I warmed some milk and begged for just a nap before I have to emerge from slumber.

At 3.19 my mind was still harping and carping - it blogged, it boasted of the beauty of what I could do should I rise, I cursed and it sang with "get up" tunes and threatened to drive me insane.

At 3.23 it took a different tack, and pondered on the placement of the cat, somehow making philosophy out of the furball's desire to sleep on my feet - lucky Eddie.

At 3.29 I tossed and turned, trying to switch off. Then I gave up.

Therefore I have been up already 3 hours - not a great deal to show for it, true, but while the world of people slumbered I stumbled around some of my internet haunts, sorted my home-based workload and started that doggarned list.

And then I looked outside.

The clouds were the most amazing range of reds and pinks. There was a rainbow adorning the Western sky. Two kangaroos were grazing in the park across the road. The birds began their morning song.

And I realised that there was one more thing to add to my list this morning - counting my blessings.

And really, even the early waking was a blessing - who knows how much I would have missed otherwise?


mommamia said...

Sometimes are blessings really are in the small things.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I hate it when I'm prodded awake by some unresolved conflict or small, but determined worry! On the other hand, I know exactly what you mean by seeing dawn and feeling blessed.

Great post, Jeanie.

Leenie said...

Wow! A sunrise, a rainbow and kangaroos! If I saw kangaroos outside MY window here in Idaho, U.S.A., I would go and check my meds! Hope you get a nap later.

BB said...

Sounds lovely... I too was prodded awake earlier than I wished. But not by my mind (which was quite happy in the land of nod)... I shall post on my little alarm clocks as soon as my third coffee kicks in!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, small things are small miraclles oftentimes...

Jayne said...

Those beautiful dawns can clear the problems and highlight the silver linings oh so well ;)

Maude Lynn said...

Wow! I can't imagine seeing kangaroos grazing first thing in the morning.

Actually, if I'm seeing kangaroos at any time of the day, there is a problem!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

These blessings are great aren't they? When I can't sleep I lie in bed and read. Maybe next time I'll get up and go and sit outside and watch the sky instead.

Widdle Shamrock said...

Awww Jeanie, I know this. I sleep with the curtains open, so am often awoken by the dawn.

Pure magic.

Lightening said...

A lovely way to look at it Jeanie. I had the opposite problem last night. Not waking up early but getting to sleep late. Every time I dropped off, my body started cramping. Not fun!

Pencil Writer said...


Lin said...

Dawn is my favourite part of the day. But I usually find the price to pay for experiencing it too high!

Hope you've been sleeping longer since then.

jeanie said...

mommamia - yes, although sometimes I wish that you could appreciate the blessing without the deprivation. Still, balance of the universe...

Mary Paddock - there were a few whirs that accompanied it, which is why I tend to rise and attack rather than hunker down and hide.

Leenie - true, you would think you had "kangaroos in the top paddock" if you saw that I suppose.

Bush Babe - I can't wait to meet your newest alarm clock - that, and get my other alarm back!

rhubarbwhine - you just have to look hard at times.

Jayne - nice how the universal controller chucks out little miracles at times, hey?

Mama Zen - see my kangaroo reference above. Mind you, I too would be concerned if I saw some of your wildlife.

Jen - my rule is if I don't go back to sleep I have to get up - its a reward system in the end.

Widdle Shamrock - a woman after my heart!

Lightening - that is a far worse form of insomnia, I find. Take a mineral tablet!

Pencil Writer - smiles right back at you.

Lin - yes, I had to give up midnight Bollywood movies to get the joy!!! No to the sleeping longer, unfortunately - or fortunately!!