Thursday, April 30, 2009


My name is Jeanie and I have tendencies towards workaholism.

I have tried to cure myself of it in the past.

When I first worked in the advertising industry, I often worked 16 hour days, learned the security code by heart, had my own taxi-driver and made coffee for the big boss every morning - as I was already there, it made sense.

I once worked 36 hours straight because a report was required.

I blamed the industry I was in, so I changed industries.

Workaholism came with me.

Since having 'Salina, I have worked (ha ha) hard to overcome the tendency.

When I was a sole parent, this was forcibly easier as the choice was 'Salina/work (although there were times when the sleep/work equation was harder).

Recently, economic circumstances and having an extra parent has meant that the choice between 'Salina and work had other factors, and I didn't feel as much guilt saying yes to a bit more work - and a bit more work.

The last two and a half weeks, I have worked a full-time job as well as for my clients. I love doing work for my clients. I love the job I was doing during the day.

I had to say yes to the full-time job, because the person I am filling in for had a very good reason to not be there for that time.

I had to say yes to all the little tasks of my clients because I want them to stay my clients.

I started work at 6 and would do an hour or two at home, before doing 8 hours at work then back for another little bit at home.

Sleep lost a little. V lost a little. 'Salina lost a little.

But hooray - the full-time component has wrapped up!!

Of course, the next few days I am trying to catch up on the runaround things I missed (couldn't say no to P&C, couldn't say no to filling forms and visiting various government offices), and so there is a very aptly named public holiday on Monday - Labour Day - where I think I will have wiped the slate.

I missed all of you - I have visited few and very rarely of late.

The money is good - very welcome indeed - but the sanity is required.

Balance is needed.

I - the I I was before being sucked back into the workaholism vortex - will be back soon, I hope.


Lightening said...

Sounds like you need to make it a top priority to make time for you after all that effort!!!! :)

Leenie said...

In case of emergency PUT ON YOUR OWN OXYGEN MASK FIRST. You can't help others if you can't breathe. Glad you have a job (jobs) you like. That helps a lot when priorities happen.

Debby said...

Hi, Jeanie. I'm a workaholic too. Are there more coming to the meeting? Can I sit next to you?

BB said...

Hello Workaholic Jeanie - my name is Bushed Bush Babe... I believe we are related??

Thanks for help last night. Enjoy a little "I" time this weekend.

Tracey said...

Missed you, but well done on surviving all that.

Widdle Shamrock said...

I have extremism tendancies in alot of areas too. Most things I do, lean towards an a- holic attitude to them.

May balance in the Force be restored soon.

Jayne said...

Park your bum in a chair for several hours with a good book and don't you dare move till it's finished ;)
Glad to see you back :)

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Phew - big sigh of relief for you I'll bet. Take some deep breaths and relax.

Sarah Lulu said...

Hello I'm Sarah and I'm a workaholic in recovery.

It's taken many years and much effort arrive at balance.

Many blessings your way.


I tend to the lazy side so I'm everso thankful that there are people like you in the world to counter people like me.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you really do sound just like me. It's a battle. I have a mantra now "I am working hard on not working so hard". It's bloody hard work not falling back into that hole.

I am with you and beside you.