Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Letter

Humble Abode of Jeanie
Paradise QLD
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dear Mr C

On Saturday afternoon, I was grocery shopping in your supermarket as I regularly do.

Accompanying me was my 9 year old daughter, who enjoys greatly selecting things from your stationery display to spend her pocket money on. On this occasion she chose a notebook, valued at $1.72. Not a huge purchase but an important one in her mind.

To encourage her independence, I suggested she make her own purchase in the Express Lane while I put my groceries through one adjacent. She gladly queued behind the 2 customers prior to her.

As it became her turn to be served, two teenage boys appeared from an aisle and reached over her to place their purchases on the counter. What shocked me most was the checkout operator in the Express Lane at the time served these boys immediately, completely ignoring my daughter and her purchase.

As she was upset at this behaviour, she immediately came over to where I was putting my groceries through.

I realise her purchase was minimal, and she is only a young child and therefore possibly not as important a customer in the mind of your checkout operator as his peers.

However, I also understand that one of the tenets of retail is good customer service, and I feel that this incident on Saturday failed to fall into the category of “good”.

Had there been a more senior member of staff available, or had it not been as busy in the store I may well have been tempted to complain of his shortcomings in offering such service at the time, but I refrained.

I do believe, though, that such advice may be better coming from you and perhaps as a reminder to all staff. I do realise it is a slight infringement, and definitely not a sackable offence – but I also realise that this could be a learning moment for your operators.

I leave this in your hands.

Yours sincerely



bigheadedbob said...

Way to go Jeanie! I hope you included a home address. The stores in the States would send you a gift card for being so concerned about poor service. Had a boss/owner tell me once,"if you give great service to someone, they might tell someone. But if you give bad service, they will tell everyone".

Jayne said...

Follow it through, if you don't get an apology, by telling all and sundry about the bad service ;)

BB said...

You have been very restrained. I can actually feel your restraint from here - great job! Perhaps use the word 'disappointed' somewhere too - hey it works on kids, perhaps it will instil the same sinking feeling in a business owner/manager.

And I would actually hand deliver this Jeanie. A face to a complaint is far more 'real'. And hard to ignore.

Outstanding - can't wait to hear how it goes!!

Anonymous said...

Well put Jeanie.

Debby said...

I'm curious what the response will be as well.


I agree, well put.

I too will be curious about any response.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

My heart fluttered...I hope she recovered. Good on you for writing back. This weekend, we were in a resturant and chocolate milk was spilled at our table. The waiter - a young lad, lifted the tablecloth over me and dripped choco milk on my dusty pink sweater. Then he walked away as I looked on in SHOCK - not a single word of apology! I spoke up and he did apologise but it made me wonder just how changed society is...and this is in the Netherlands

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Well said.

Tell us if they reply !!