Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The spirit is willing

but the mind is currently coding.

I have discovered when I am doing a programming job, the power of speech and human reasoning gets moved aside while I logic out problems.

It is something that means it is far easier for me to work on projects in a vacuum - or failing that, at a place where no-one else expects anything from me or wants to communicate with me.

I can work with interruptions - except it will take an extra 2-20 minutes at the resumption after each interruption to get back into the headspace where I am tinkering with my little programming problems.

Sometimes iIt also takes my mind shifting down through the gears to understand the nature of the interruption and dealing with the outside world - which equals time and a lot of blank looks and misunderstandings.

Not exactly conducive to family life, working from home when anyone else is in the vicinity or holding roles in school committees. Also not a great fit with volunteering (because there is no-one else to step up... Save the lecture, I give it to myself)

The good news is, there is one time of day that works well with such strains - it also means that your spouse has hogged the whole of the bed when you finally get there!

However, after pulling up stumps at 2 this morning, I can say this project is so close to finished, and after that all I have to do is clean a house, rearrange all furniture, organise Christmas and nest - then I will be ready to have a baby, I think...


Anonymous said...

I struggle to even write a blog post when there are people around me. And with the computer currently in the loungeroom, I had no hope trying to get my head around javascript, and CSS coding etc with that course I started doing this year.

So I think you're amazing with what you manage to achieve! I sure hope you got to sleep once you got to bed last night, and your old nemesis Insomnia didn't pay a visit.

Christmas? What's that?!

Leenie said...

At least in the near future you can set that baby down for a few moments so it will be easier to pull stumps.

BB said...

Your trouble ... too bloomin smart. I have to wait til late at night to post on my blog - only way I can concentrate!!!

Keep looking after that niece/nephew of mine...