Friday, January 29, 2010

I am sure there are days

when you all wish you were me.

Today would not have been one of them...

  • started with a 3am handover from V who had (thankfully) changed the nappy with a new colour poo (the romantic things discussed),
  • had one of those "family" discussions where all vocal members were quite vocal and had input at 6.30am,
  • Paris slept for ONE HOUR at home which thankfully allowed me to have breakfast, peg out, put nappies on, wash up, shower, repack the bag and open all my important computer windows - but failed to give me any "ah, relax and read" moments,
  • got to the hospital 15 minutes late for the hip ultrasound - I had a time in my mind to start leaving allowing plenty of room, but hadn't counted on a phone call, roadworks AND a train to derail me*,
  • Paris slept for 30 minutes at the shops (I was there for 45 minutes - guess which baby activity filled the last 15 minutes),
  • catnaps were had in the car (she doesn't scream while I am driving) however the entry and exits to and from the car (we had 8 of those total in the "out and abouts" today) Paris made good use of to extend her range,
  • I found that Coles have joined with IGA and Woolworths in thinking that local cats don't eat fresh meat at all. Eddie certainly doesn't deign to eat that awful cat/dog stuff and is averse to canned and has certain culinary requirements. I am desparately hoping he will attempt to sniff at the fishy stuff I got and he doesn't get all passive aggressive on me!
  • I also got snitty at a Coles member of staff, as the "express" lane was blocked with one half of a couple chatting to the checkout operator while the other was "just grabbing a few more things" so went to the next lane (while singing to my screaming child - I had 1 item to buy and the cash in my hand) who was serving 1 person - only to have her put the "please go to another lane" sign put in front of me after waiting for a few renditions of that classic "la la lalala, la la lala laaaa"...
  • despite the substantial Daddy Delight at 3am, Paris did manage another HUUUUGE contribution to the ecosystem this afternoon as well - only took out a disposable (yay), the cute outfit she had on (buttons all the way up though - bonus no having to manouvre the head through infested clothing), the rug she was on AND the nappy I put her on to change it all,
  • any extra minute of the day had a baby attached to one breast or another - or screaming "lait, lait" (I have mentioned she speaks French, haven't I?),
  • When my heavies arrived home after school/work, they were empathetic (I know, thats not a negative point at all, but this has turned into a whole "this is my day" list),
  • gave my poor hard-working husband 20 minutes of bliss with his baby in his arms - she screamed for 95% of that time,
  • put her in the rocker in front of her big sister and she promptly fell fast asleep - no doubt recharging batteries to interrupt the whole dinner preparation/eating phase of the day...
  • Edited to UPDATE - I spoke too soon - she started screaming again 5 minutes later,
  • The usual trick of rolling her around the back yard in the pram failed but has no doubt put all residents in a 500m radius on alert.
BTW - she now sleeps - I finally remembered these tips that I got from a forum that I am on.

She still sleeps - even got to eat dinner undisturbed!

* - technician gave a good "eyeball" decision on it.


BB said...

Ooohhh... sounds harsh. Although I did make the mistake of sharing your 'Paris slept through the night' story with friend G from the Vegas, and she was all "nooooooo" and "la-la-la-la". So perhaps you might want to share this day with her??



Brings back so many memories.

Thought at the time I might just have to run away from home until he was weaned, toilet trained and in school.

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

These are the hard days. I remember them well and do not miss them. Sorry.

Biggest hugs.

May your days get easier.

Jayne said...

How about a radio in her room, tuned to heavy metal?
(((hugs))) It will get better, really.

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh dear I remember it so well. I only had one out of three like that ...and I still twitch at the thought!!!

Sending many hugs and remember they do do do grow up!

Lin said...

All I can offer you is a virtual hug. I used to use an Aboriginal inspired techno CD to make Ella stop crying as a baby! I think it was the vibrations of the didge through the subwoofer that did the trick.

When will you get the test results?

Anonymous said...

Wow, check the baby whisperer... wish I'd known about that sshhhhhh' strategy with my three! (I think we've all automatically tried the others, with varying rates of success!) I'm going to have to tuck that one away for future reference.

I wish you luck with all that Jeanie! You are bringing back memories I'm not so sure I want to remember, except that there is the knowledge that I did survive it all!