Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Months

Do you know, this "create post" window has been open ALL WEEK for inspiration and time to unite forces and put something on my little blog.

On Monday, there was going to be a round-up of our whirlwind visit to Vegas (Bris-), some yarns about some of the characters we know down there and a hugely hilarious (in hindsight) adventure involving a trip to the museum, a non-city driver, one-way streets and the subtleties of pre-teens taking the proverbial out of their non-plussed chauffeur.

On Tuesday, it was going to be an update on the house of lurgy, and how that trip had included the discovery that we were not sadistic enough parents to be truly successful at nose-sucking.

On Wednesday, there was going to be a very quick something JUST to get a post out there - it probably would have involved either a recipe for Chocolate Hedgehogs (and how I am unfortunately TOO GOOD at making them) or a witty 'Salina moment (aren't they all).

Yesterday, it was going to be all about the 150 day mark...

And here we are today - and I have my first second moment alone with the computer (the first was 7 hours ago, where everything up to this point was written). The stars align, and now all I have to do is muster a little inspiration and creativity for the rest.

Five months ago, Paris blessed us with her presence and has been a joy and delight (most of the time) ever since (especially when gives us a chance to recharge our batteries to enjoy her).

While she was an angel for the first 4 months about sleeping at night (surprising me that such babies existed in nature when she was 8 weeks old), for the last month she has not been quite as compliant.

She has fought a hard fight with oral thrush which we SERIOUSLY hope we have kyboshed this round - we lifted our foot off the pedal a little early last go round and it came back. I think that has had a major impact on her sleep (and spews and general demeanour).

Paris has also been on anti-biotics for the last week, as our visit to Brisbane co-incided with her getting her first head-cold. As her sister was a terror with such things galloping to ear infection, I subjected her (and V) to the torture that is saline solution squirts and sucks for the nose. It has answered a few questions in my mind about those rogue nurses who seem to delight in pain - it must be acquired from having to do such things to patients.

The good news is we didn't end up with an ear infection (and pink medicine). The bad news is we did end up with a lung infection (and white medicine).

As a result, she now understands hypocrisy (yummy medicine, nom nom) and physical humour (you gotta laugh when the yellow medicine gets raspberried).

We did attempt solids a little earlier, but have only recently resumed this experiment. While she LOVED the opportunity to eat (definitely my child), the much lauded "she will sleep so well on solids" myth was blown well out of the water, and we had a very bound up bouncing baby for a few days.

As a result, we will have to contemplate shopping for a high chair in the next few days. Last go round, 'Salina's uncle found a very old high chair during council cleanup and it was "improved" for free... It certainly took out the decision-making.

We will also have to contemplate other household improvements soon, as "rolling as a method of transportation" has been joined by caterpillaring. She has us lulled into a false sense of security by her inability to control which direction she actually moves at the moment, but I figure once she gets that bit out of the way we will need geographic barriers between her and electrical or plumbing features.

This little household appliance, however, has been a godsend in getting anything done! I had a sling (Slingalong sling) last go around, and it was so wonderful I passed it along to a friend. I am still kicking myself about being so shallow (didn't like this season's prints) and not buying their brand this time - I bought another far inferiour sling that is only now becoming slightly usable. However, the Hug-a-bub (pictured) I picked up 2nd-hand and it has recently come into its own!!

I know that I will never be that all-singing, all-dancing 1950s housewife, but I must admit a little humming did pop out while doing the groceries with her the other day...

And as for that other bright-spot in my life? 'Salina is going great guns. While she is also a fan of the hedgehog (not as huge as her mother or V, admittedly - mainly because we don't let her) she does a fairly good line herself in cake-mix, pikelets and recently dinner (a family favourite - pasties). The apron was a gift from her to me for Mother's Day - I love an apron and often buy them for others and am so chuffed that I now have one from her!

Anyhow - baby noises mean that my time here is done - "see" you all soon...


Anonymous said...

So good to catch up with your latest, esp. photos of your gorgeous girls! Hope the lurgies disappear pronto. Good luck when Ms P really gets moving!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww - your girls are gorgeous!

Debby said...

I wish that I had kept a journal when my kids were small, in those days before blogging. How lucky that you have a way to capture these small moments that would have otherwise been lost. How lovely it will be for you and your girls, years from now, to be able to look back and remember these days once again.

Melody said...

Oh you are looking wonderful - sleepless nights and all.

My good friend in Melb swore by the hug-a-bub. I never had anything like that for MissM, but this time around a friend gave me her old Baby Bjorn, which she had been given 2nd hand. Anyway I just love it! Best thing for grocery shopping etc., I wished I had one for MissM but never wanted to part with such an expense! It would've been worth it in hind sight. MissL is now starting to get a little heavy for me to be in it for more than an hour so I do my grocery shopping super quick!

Tamsyn said...

Gorgeous photos, I love baby updates, keep them coming!


Time is speeding by.
ditto on the photos