Friday, May 07, 2010

Unruffled by raffles...

There was a raffle for fundraising at school this week.

For 50c each, anyone could buy a chance to win - 1st prize a very schmick Breville coffee machine, 2nd prize a basket of "mumsy" stuff, and 3rd prize a voucher for a local fish and chippery.

Setting the bar low, a book of 4 tickets was sent home to each of the 200 families - that is, they expected each family to sell $2 worth of tickets.

They don't know our extended family.

'Salina, wishing to spread the opportunity, wanted us to flog tickets to them - we persuaded her to do the hard yards on the phone herself.

So with sales of 10 tickets here, 10 tickets there and a few more to another branch, she soon had a list of prospective winners. We agreed to match her personal contribution dollar for dollar, and so by the end of the day she had amassed $41 of ticket sales.

She went to school and spent the whole of one lunch break writing tickets for all of her customers.

The raffle was drawn last night - and one of our tickets won the $25 voucher for free fish and chips.

I have held the voucher in reserve for a night I REALLY don't feel like cooking - which no doubt will come soon.

I did the maths. I subbed her outstanding ticket sales as well as our own - and so for an outlay of $31 I have scored $25 value. Ah, I am extremely tinny!!

Our weekend will be fairly quiet - we have tentative plans to go to Brisbane NEXT weekend (at one stage we thought about it for this one, but too short a notice) and so this one will be close to home.

I have a leg of lamb in the freezer to cook myself (and the family) a traditional meal, and 'Salina and V have been whispering in the kitchen about secret shopping trips.

Oh - and if any Brisvegans want to be part of a small gathering of internetty and other-worldy friends while I am in the vicinity, let me know - probably involving a park and kids.


Leenie said...

I love it when you get returns on your investment. Good for Salina. She has a future in sales and you get a vacay from the kitchen.

Jayne said...

Woot! Any excuse for a day off from cooking is a bonus ;)
I'd join you for the meet up but the broomstick won't get me that far ;)
Have fun!

Debby said...

Well, you've made out better in those things than I ever did. I probably spent hundreds over the years, five chilluns 12 years of school each, and have won...let me see...uh...*checks addition*...yeah...the numbers work out the same no matter how I add it up. Won nothing. Zip. Nada.

BB said...

You CAN calculate on getting some of the subs back, making the return on investment slightly better! (And don't forget the benefit for the P&C).

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Congratulations on the win. (Ignoring the initial outlay of course)

Have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear someone gets a return on raffle investment. I won a mothers day raffle at netball once - many years ago now. That's all. But I suppose it's better than Deb's tally. Don't start me on school or sport fundraising!