Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Dusting

I apologise - I have been very very slack.

Sigh - the way I start far too many blog posts this year. And last.

I am afraid it isn't going to get better any time soon.

My average day:

Wake early. Potty. Feed. Clean. Vacuum. Contemplate the day. First nap. Read emails and open blog window. First nap ends too soon. Feed. Clean. Washing. List. Feed. Clean. Second nap. Work. Second nap ends too soon. Feed. Clean. Fold. Cook. Bathe. Feed. Clean. Get baby to bed. Get older child to bed. Tidy up. Contemplate romantic evening with V. Go to bed.

Some days are different. Some days I go grocery shopping - or into the garden. Some days I go to work and V has a few of those cycles. Some days I don't get to contemplate.

I am so glad I only do this baby lark once every decade because otherwise, I would fall down.

But then every day I get love and smiles and it really is all worth while. She plays, she learns - and to see her face light up when she sees Eddie - or 'Salina - is truly delightful. She is still beautiful and has the best big sister in the world. A big sister who is at my big sister's for the week.

So here is something to make all of us smile - excuse the singing.


BB said...

Ah - I remember those days. My days are similar - just no potty training involved (at least not for humans!).

Your big sister is loving having Paris' big sister here... she's riding as we speak. I can see the smile from here!

Melody said...

Gee, potty training? I could not even contemplate doing that until the babe is much older. (They say the 2nd easier to train - that better be right!!)

My babe has dropped the 2nd morning nap now - urgh - but her afternoon nap lasts for a good 2 hours, sometimes even 3! Whoop whoop.

Anonymous said...

You have rekindled many memories for me. Ones I am glad are in the past :) Enjoy being a parent of a single child for a few days Ihope it brings you a little sleep xx

River said...

I got my "baby lark" all over with in one decade. Four babies aged 8, 6, 4, newborn.

It was fun at the time, but I don't think I'd do it again.

jeanie said...

Oops - help if I attach the what you are excusing the singing for - video now uploaded CORRECTLY!

jeanie said...

Oh - and I will explain the potty training - or not - in a later post.

But the trick is if you offer it early, you don't have to do the whole toilet training thing.

bushbabe - thanks for the great shot.

melody - you got 3 naps a day? Wow.

rhubarb - that is what I thought also.

River - my hat is off to you.

Debby said...

*pant, pant, puff* I'm here, I'm here with words.

Pardon me, boy,
Is that the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?
Track twenty-nine,
Boy, you can give me a shine.
I can afford
To board a Chattanooga Choo-Choo;
I've got my fare
And just a trifle to spare.
You leave the Pennsylvania station 'bout a quarter to four;
Read a magazine and then you're in Baltimore;
Dinner in the diner; nothing could be finer,
Than to have your ham and eggs in Carolina!
When you hear the whistles blowing eight to the bar,
Then you know that Tennessee is not very far;
Shovel all the coal in; I gotta keep a-rollin',
Woo-woo, Chattanooga, there you are!
There's gonna be
A certain party at the station;
Satin and lace,
I used to call that chick "funny-face."
She's gonna cry
Until I tell her that I'll never roam;
So Chattanooga Choo-Choo,
Won't you, you choo-choo me home!
Chattanooga Choo-Choo!
Won't you choo-choo, choo-choo, choo-choo me home!

With a little practice you could all begin to sing it in 3 part harmony!

Little Paris is adorable.

BB said...

NOW it makes sense... of course I have no computer sound so I am IMAGINING the singing.

Thanks for the words Deb - shall be humming that as I head to bed.

BB said...

Melody - you have no idea til you see my sister in action with her babies. It's freakily amazing... she should write a book and make her fortune! The toilet teacher.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Is her rhythm accidental or usual? She has great timing. I absolutely loved it and look forward to seeing a repeat performance - from all performers - next week! Love Mx