Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Paris is doing very well on solids these days.

Her list of things on offer is growing - and we are yet to meet a gag response to anything. Of course, 'Salina didn't actually know she could refuse anything until she was a toddler, so I am adopting the same tactics with Paris.

She is not yet fully vocal, and so this is the closest she can get to foot in mouth at the moment.

Which is just as well - because genetically, she is programmed to have it provervially hovering.

In fact, I just had to save myself from a rather embarassing "blog foot in mouth" moment by illustrating my point.

There are a few things we aren't going to really offer her for a while.

In fact, we are still scientifically working out when she will (ever) be able to have TTs. We gave 'Salina one when she was 7 that resulted in a 4 hour comedown - although that was compounded with a few other factors (including the fact they were the "pink" flavoured TTs). Currently reserved for weekend activities with plenty of daylight and space to get rid of the after-effects in the under 12s (and still not at alls to the under 2s, much to her dismay).


Debby said...

No TimTams for the under twos? Dear heavens. You'd better thank your lucky stars that Paris isn't fully vocal yet.

She is so cute.


No TimTams but she can lick the packaging? Oh well. Perhaps as she grows you can convince her that children get the outers and only mothers get the insides.
She looks like she's ready for seconds in that first highchair photo

Jayne said...

...and don't forget to drum into her that the Mr Whippy ice cream van only plays Greensleeves when they've run out of ice cream ;)

Anonymous said...

... maybe just a half a Tim Tam then ;)

Anonymous said...

... maybe just a half a Tim Tam then ;)

Debby said...

LOL Jayne!

Melody said...

I see the 'foot in mouth' action here too, a lot, and its not just me! Feet come in handy in the car when all the toys have been dropped, the dummy is missing - well just stick your toes in your gob! Works a dream.

Mmm, TimTams. Yep - start her early. Lol!

Has Paris tasted Vegemite yet? MissL *loves* Vegemite. That's my girl.

Kate said...

I'm impressed she got to hold the packet, they would have been jealousy guarded in my house.
Oh and why do baby toes taste good? or do they put them in their mouths just to prove that they can?
She's gorgeous.

River said...

I'm not a fan of Tim Tams, but from what I've heard they'd be wasted on one so young. All that chocolatey goodness is an adults only treat. Adults in this case being anyone over the age of four. Three? Oh alright, two.