Friday, July 16, 2010

Interesting juxtaposition

This morning, while having my "thank goodness the baby is sleeping so I can organise my day" coffee and checking my emails, a headline about a baby being delivered caught my eye.

I clicked the link and read the story.

In case the link is dead for you, here is the story:

Dad Delivers Baby Girl

A dad has helped his wife deliver their baby girl at home overnight while being instructed over the phone by an emergency services dispatcher.

The baby, the couple's second child, was delivered in the Mackay home at about 3.40am (AEST) before paramedics arrived.

The 24-year-old mother and her baby were then taken to Mackay Base Hospital.

Meanwhile, fire brigade officers south of Brisbane rescued a man who was trapped in his car after hitting a cow.

The vehicle struck the beast at 6.15pm (AEST) on Christmas Creek Road, west of Beaudesert.
The driver was taken to Gold Coast Hospital with an injured wrist.

I am wondering what got them to splice the two stories... Was it the involvement of emergency services? Or were they thinking of the cow?


BB said...

Dunno...two blokes dealing with cranky cows? Methinks they are missing a headline... cramped for space maybe?

Mary O. Paddock said...

Maybe it was a "It could have been worse" association.

You know like: You think giving birth to a baby at home is hard . . .

Debby said...

Yeah. I'm at a loss to explain that one.

Leenie said...

Probably some lazy news collector just copied and pasted what was in some policeman's notes. "There it is, news of record...NEXT."

Jayne said...

Someone had a fight with their missus that morning and couldn't see the news stories for the cows crowding their vision lol.