Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leonine Resurrections

Not really, but after the rough deal Cancer (the astrological aspect) has been giving me of late, I am all for bringing in a new sign.

This is a quick update to say:

I am getting better - in that it has been over 24 hours since unexplained rashes have appeared on any part of my body, and nearly 3 days since I have had the whole Adams Apple imitates tennis ball moments, so is good, yes?

As the medication stops tonight, I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow. This is all very bizarre, because I don't do unexplained crap with my health.

I am either sick or well - preferably the latter.

I have a sister who is allergic to the slightest change in season and can trumpet in the Spring. Wattle season was always fun growing up. (I didn't think you would want a link with that one, did you sis?)

I have a brother who carries adrenalin on the off chance an insect finds him appealing.

Me - I am hale.

I once got a rash from the swimming pool when I was about 5. I had green medicine that tastest wierd, clear medicine that tasted foul and pink medicine. They never found out what caused it, or indeed what made it go away.

Now - I have a big pill to stop me from getting sick from the little pill that is working with the other little pill to make the rash not only stop but begone. They all taste foul and have no colour.

I should be getting richer - which isn't as difficult a feat as one would imagine, as once a little cash gets injected into my accounts we will hear the echoes.

To this end, I am spending quite a bit of time in front of other people's computer screens and far less time in front of my own.

I have quite a mix of work on at the moment - real estate lawyery stuff, historical feelgood stuff and dead people stuff. But all of this stuff charged at an hourly rate and eventually, once I match the invoices with the cheques with the deposit slips, I will (hopefully) be able to view the budget without the red wash clouding my judgement.

One of the blessings of hitting a lean week every so often is you find the most amazing things in your freezer. I have now converted V to the wisdom of miscellaneous filing of unlabelled leftover meals.

We have eaten like comparative royalty this week - surprised royalty, but extremely sated.

Speaken of eating, the youngest child has cut her first tooth. It was not an ejoyable experience, given her review.

Along with this rapid development corner another milestone was met on Saturday.

Sissie 'Salina had an engagement at the horse theatre with one of her friends, and so it was just V, myself, Paris - and Eddie.

Eddie thought he was out of range. Paris found out how to direct herself and motor. Now, I am not saying that it is a pretty conveyance as the chassis is still firmly on the carpet, but she can commando crawl at a fiersome rate.

Her favourite target is Eddie. Eddie allows a certain latitude, but he has his own resources - we prefer him to use the evasion technique and are on constant alert in case his fiersome big cat responses react to her "gentle" persuasion.

Her second favourite target is the DVD/VCR player. The pretty thing with lights doesn't move.

It will be as soon as Daddy V gets his DIY hat on...

No pictures, as it is late and I have to sleep. Doctor and dead people work tomorrow.


BB said...

THanks for not linking.
Love you and wish you fun with dead people work.


Jayne said...

Hope the dead people and the feelgood historical (hysterical?) stuff keeps your royal self in excellent menus ;)

Leenie said...

My condolences to Eddie. Best wishes with those computers.

Debby said...

Dead people don't complain. Just pointing that out. I'm still chuckling over your facebook description of sweet little Paris.

Debby said...

PS: Eddie? Dead men pull no tails.

River said...

Don't wait for the DIY hat. Move the fun machinery now! They never work as well after you've cleaned out the mashed banana.

MissyBoo said...

I have to agree with River ;)

Hope Eddie stays safe - my daughter bit the dog when she was teething and first on the move!