Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hey ho, hey ho

Not much going on here of late - because a bit too much going on out there.

The good news - I have got some regular work.
The bad news - I have not got rid of my irregular work just yet.
The ridiculous - I am working daytimes and evenings...

The good news - Paris is getting very mobile.
The bad news - Paris is getting very quick.
The ridiculous - going through our house is an obstacle course.

The good news - 'Salina didn't have appendicitis.
The bad news - she missed some quality horse time at her favourite place in the world.
The ridiculous - what made 'Salina so sick is a vague and "could have been anything" diagnosis...

The good news - V is getting a lot of quality Paris and him time.
The bad news - V is not getting any study done.
The ridiculous - he is studying evenings.

Hope the world is keeping you all well!


BB said...

All good... so glad Salina is better. She scared the pants off me!

Debby said...

The good news: I'm very busy.
The bad news: I'm very busy.
The ridiculous: I'm very busy.

Debby said...

Gees. I'm glad that Salina is better, but that is scary not to have a diagnosis.

Tell her she cannot continue to go around scaring the pants off her aunts. It will not be tolerated!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Love those "of idiopathic origin" diagnoses.....not.

Good luck with Paris getting mobile. That'll keep you running. LOL.

Yeah on the regular work.


Leenie said...

Hooray for the regular work. Sorry for the irregular. Hooray for all good news about babies. Sorry big sister's pain was not diagnosed more better. Hang in there, Down Under Lady.

Anonymous said...

The work is good. The fact that S is feeling better is good. Hope life settles down for you and all is very very good, very very soon! x

Mrs Catch said...

wow. You've got so much going on. Hope it slows down a little soon.