Monday, October 25, 2010


the hours alloted to awake time between work and travelling to and from work and being my big daughter's confidante
as she walks trepiditiously towards adolescence and being my little daughter's Mummy as she teeters towards walking
and being my husband's wife and being the budgeter and the peace-maker and the apologist...

Apparently not so much the blogger, hey?

Still alive, still afloat (and paddling like crazy), still enjoying my family and the joys of paradise (growing luciously and enjoying the reprieve of a lawnmower undergoing servicing - again) and food (oh my, I must admit we still eat like royalty.
We can do cheap feasts like nobodies business) and contemplating the 13th of November because that is the square that has nothing written in it (yet)...

Hope everyone is well out there - this is the banality that is life in paradise with gorgeous creatures.


Leenie said...

You are just going to have to post more often. Paris has changed into a young lady during your absence in the blog bog. Wow!

I know about spending all your energy just trying keep your head in the insanity of family and work and life. Sometimes I lost it despite the best efforts. At least you live in paradise. That's gotta help.

ree said...

Well, then, write in the November 13th spot - blog!!! :-)

Nah, rest. I know how important it is.

Jayne said...

Heya, Jeanie, nice to see you alive and kicking again ;)
Those girls of yours are growing up so fast!

Debby said...

Wow. The girls have grown a lot since the last pictures. Your calendar girl is gorgeous.

Hard to believe that Paris is coming up on a year old.

Pencil Writer said...

Miss you when you're busying being you! Love the pictures. They are worth 1000 words, you know. Lightens the writing mode, you know!

Good to hear from you, however. One of these days, I too will find the time/energy to blog again. If I find some inane subject to blog about. ;-}

Crazed Nitwit said...

Oh they grow up so fast. Awesome pictures.