Thursday, March 01, 2012


  1. I am grateful that today, I woke before anyone (except Eddie) and got to have my cup of tea in peace.
  2. I am grateful that I saw a link to a new post by an excellent blogger who always make me think.
  3. I am grateful that the sun is promising a gorgeous day - I love rain, but have a thing about moderation and there has been little of the moderate of late with our weather.
  4. I am grateful that yesterday was the start of the sunshine, and V ticked off some items on his looooong list of things he wants to get done. One of them was to dig out the Poinciana sapling that had nestled along the neighbour's fence and moved it to the centre of the back yard - not an easy task considering our back yard consists of large boulders slowly filtering anything looking like soil into the netherworld. We used to have one near the back (eastern) window, and the glow of red throughout the kitchen thrown by sunlight through blossom was so delightful - less delightful for our neighbours, however, who couldn't get their washing dry and were fearful of its roots interacting with their slab. It also was a rogue sapling from a previous poinciana...
  5. I am grateful that today is Thursday, which means that it is the last day of my working week and I can look forward to spending time with my gorgeous girls and V.
  6. I am grateful that I worked extra on Tuesday afternoon, so I can leave early this afternoon and collect 'Salina from school and have my precious one on one time with her.
  7. I am grateful that she loves her new school and is enjoying the learning process - it is half the battle won!
  8. I am grateful that, touching wood, neither of my girls are sick. We have had little niggly things dragging on around here, and I am starting to get jumpy about it all.
  9. I am grateful that Paris is the sort of child who goes to bed without drama, and when she wakes she plays in her cot and sings songs until she is ready to face the day.
  10. I am grateful for all of my extended family (including some very wonderful friends), living in this country, living in this part of the country, having enough work to survive, having enough food to not be hungry, having my own health, V (far more than one letter, really), being alive - gee, once you open up this gratitude list thing, it sort of grows, doesn't it?

Which, I believe, is my cue to start the day.

Have a lovely morning all.


BB said...

I am grateful too. Although a little less food would no doubt do me the world of good. :-)

Are you starting a 'silver lining' section here?