Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blessings from abroad

On Easter Sunday, Nana and Grandpa came to visit for a "picnic" - which was held in our living room, as nature was all promises and no follow-through in regards to weather.

One of the bounties brought by my parents was a parcel that had travelled from afar

Amongst the goodies was this most gorgeous little number:

No - not the child, but the colourful twirly dress that she models - isn't it the most fun?!! Paris fell in love with it and wanted to wear it right away - and again the next day...

Perhaps it was the chocolate wearing off, but she wasn't as forthcoming with photos the next day - and had no patience for Mummy and her cries of "show us the shoes" because cats are a favourite here - and she has great cat sandshoes that we thought would really be the last paw in fashion pairing...

Thanks Debby - it (and everything) has been much appreciated.


BB said...

Gorgeous - wanted to know what it looked like on. Beautiful!!!!


Debby said...

How cute was that! I figured that she'd be a cat fan, what with Eddie and all, but it's terrific that she has matching shoes!

Rachel said...


I'm so glad that you swung by and said "hi" -- gently nudging me back to your blog, where I'm in awe of all the changes that you, too, are experiencing. Wow!

Both of us have to daughters now, amazing partners... so much change.
Big hugs to you!! I love seeing all the colors in your life!