Monday, May 07, 2012

Starting the day

For the last few weeks, I have been up at 5am (okay, 5.12 alarm so 5.17 out of bed then) - over here, that is 3/4 to crack of dawn - checked 'Salina was up (generally she is, completely dressed and hair styled), got "dressed", pulled on sandshoes (thanks family for the lovely present) and left the building.

We walk up to the front - its 2 blocks from here - and then turn and walk along. Occasionally there is jogging attempted (far more often by 'Salina than I, I must admit) and we go as far as we can in 15-20 minutes - always trying to go a little further.

On our way back, we will find the best spot we can for our "meditate" and watch the sky get a little lighter.

I think its worth it.

We have actually missed 2 mornings.

The first it bucketed down (hooray) but there was a certain pallour over the slightly later-starting morning after affecting both pre-teen and mother moods - we both decided that we should go back to our original start time.

The second because 'Salina had a nasty head-cold. We went for our walk the next day mid-morning, but discovered that the quiet yet cheerful "good mornings" generally found in the pre-dawn lights had disappeared in the sunlight.

The only downside - it gets to Paris' naptime, and I have discovered I would be well served to adopt the same strategy with dealing with the day!!


Debby said...

Sounds like an excellent beginning to the day. Salina will remember that time with her mother forever. Well done!