Wednesday, May 09, 2012

There was an old lady...

4.33am, and I awoke to a buzzing sound...

Do you know the buzzing sound of insects as you sleep, and the sudden terror you feel when the buzzing is REALLY, REALLY close to your ear and then inside your ear and then panicking inside your ear and then nothing?

That is the sound I got this morning.

So, serious questions:

Can flies walk backwards? Will they do so towards the light? Or the cold?

Where does one go for someone to look at and extract such things? How would they extract? Is THIS the job for which ear candles were invented?

(And at last resort) what sort of spider should I contemplate?

There are other answers I seek too (including "why does ABC Jazz play such a medley of songs that have no musical connection to one another?", "why does my husband leave ABC Jazz on to play all night?" and "why couldn't the fly at least do something useful and block out the ABC Jazz?"). Some are too gross to contemplate at this hour.

Anyhow - off to see if the cold will flush it out on our walk.


Debby said...

Oh, Jeanie. Don't ever sleep with your mouth open.