Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Insomnia-manial Interludes in the Early Morn...

(or, how Jeanie's Machiavellian mind conspires with 2014 to unveil the secret project)

Good evening - or rather, should I say, good morning, for the dial as just tipped past the 1:18am mark - I know this, as I have checked on its progress for the past 78 minutes.

Part of the past 78 minutes has been spent thus:

  • Me: Perhaps if I lie on this side and clear my mind...


  • Me: Shhhh - I am trying to sleep.  How about I try flat on my back and meditate...

  • Mind: we can't go to sleep just now, we have to brainstorm - I have this surge of ideas that just require a bounce around.

  • Me: Can you do it without me?

  • Mind: no, no, no, no, no - it is only 25 days until that thing and IDEAS need IMPLEMENTATION!

  • Me: But really, we are talking about a dream -

  • Mind: that wasn't going to happen until you grasped the nettle.

  • Me: I know.  I can't believe I did that.

  • Mind: I can.

  • Me: Its your fault.  We could have stayed safe and invisible and just paddled through 2014 the way we have paddled through -

  • Mind: for 27 bloddy years.  ENOUGH. E-bloddy-NOUGH.

  • Me: but its so easy making excuses.

  • Mind: kicking the comfort zone out of the way now, honey - one, two...

  • Me: You are being too bossy!

  • Mind: That is because I AM the boss now.  No more pussy-footing around.  It's announcement  time, baby!!!

  • Me: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! La la la la la la la la la....


  • Me: Now look what you have done.

  • Mind: Three.  tee hee hee hee


Jen said...

I wish this was closer to my neck of the woods. Good luck and all that. And good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

BB said...

Am I allowed to share???

BECKY said...

Hi Jeanie! I saw your comment on Pearl's blog about "flip flops" and "thongs." And that brought back such memories for me! I'd forgotten that when I was a young girl, we also called them "thongs!" The term flip-flops wasn't around until later, as far as I know. Or maybe it just depended on what part of the US a person lived. I lived in the Midwest, which I do again now. Isn't it funny the way words take on new meanings?? Now, if someone said you wore thongs, they'd think you liked to wear those stringy undies! LOL I like your blog and your sense of humor!

jeanie said...

Hey Jen - if all goes to plan, I'll catch you on tour - ha ha ha ha!!

Bush Babe - of course you may. I have taken the plunge now, the luge has hit the ice.

BECKY - welcome. Over here, a sloppy joe is a rather unattractive pullover from the 1980s and apparently you eat yours! I visited your blog - I would say you know about the stepping outside your comfort zone.

Kelly said...

How fun!!! And good for you for stepping out of that comfort zone. Oh, if only I could make myself do that on so many fronts.

Record it and post to YouTube so ALL of us can enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Debby said...

I have come to be of the mind that we have to step out of our comfort zone on a regular basis. Otherwise, we aren't really living. We are hiding. I have hidden for a number of years now. Very inspirational, Jeanie. I wish that I could be there to cheer you on.

Debby said...

...and we do not even want to discuss 'fannies'

jeanie said...

Kelly - it the technology and I ever coincide it is possible.

Rhubarbwhine - this is the February thing I was alluding to.

Debby - I too wish that. And yes - fannies are OFF the discussion list.