Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Curse of the Footwear Strikes Again

I was walking in to work recently - over this holidays I have had a few days here and there for an old employer - feeling like a million bucks but with the smirk of one who had outlayed less than ten.

The shirt was a gift from a good friend - it always feels good to wear something received in such a manner, I find.

The skirt was an absolute bargain at the local Vinnies.  Four dollars.

And the shoes!  The shoes were only four dollars and fifty cents!

You may recall, I don't go shoe shopping lightly.

In fact, I find it much easier to NEVER go shoe shopping - sure, it means my footwear options are rather limited and the few forays into shoe shops are generally urgent and without the required therapy beforehand.

However - however, I was in the local Vinnies and bumped into a friend.  She is not so backwards in such pursuits, and ALWAYS checks the racks for good finds.

"What size are you?" she enquired.

She immediately found TWO pairs that fit me a'la Cinderella.  Two pairs that were almost brand new.

The rhymes-with-witch at the counter (who could have done with a bit of Saint in her attitude) however almost caused my shoe buying journey into meltdown with an accusation of trying to diddle them out of some revenue, as one of the pairs wasn't marked at the right price - so I emerged with only one pair - but hey, I bought ONE pair of shoes when I wasn't even looking.  Go me.

So there I was, jauntily (if you will believe) sauntering in to work, making small talk with the boss and the beautiful receptionist and the boys out the back and the birds were singing and everything was right with the world.

You know what is coming, right?

Planets never align like that without a little entropy for fun...

I heard extra footsteps as I walked, and I looked down, and one of my almost brand new shoes was flapping.

I eeked appropriately, so I went out to the workshop area to see if I could find anything to fix my problem.

I did find plenty of spray lubricant, but no spray adhesive.

While looking, the pair went out in sympathy, so I was double-flapping while searching.

And then - well, then I saved myself an embarrassing wait at the local Mister Minit while he resoled my shoe.

I fixed it with something from the office.

Do you think I could start a trend?


Debby said...

Shoe-pid?!!! Love it. Since the malfunction appeared in the same place on both shoes, I'm guessing a manufacturing flaw, which means your trend COULD catch on, for every single woman who bought a pair of those shoes.

The up side? I'll bet those shoes made a little tappity tap every time that you walked.

Kelly said...

Bless your really do have a time of it with shoes! I'm trying to keep a straight face, but you tell such an entertaining story.

Even though I hate to shop, I do have a weakness for shoes. ;) said...
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Jen said...

Just come out and say it. She was a bitch. No, I haven't worn my shoes like that but am sure I would if I had to. Yesterday I managed to convince a smaller footed friend of mine to buy a gorgeous pair of platform boots. She's not a heels girl but I hope she occasionally wears them.