Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Another beautiful day in paradise here, and lots of excitement building. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be fabulous - just gotta get through today.

I would like to blame PMS, but the P is out of the equation. I would like to blame a hangover, but the 2 bottles a girlfriend and I polished off last night were rather weary when we got to them anyway. I have nothing to pinpoint the exact reason for the case of "blahs" that I have today - and I am concerned that maybe this is my nature and my joyous moments I should cherish the more as I decline into a moody hag - or maybe I can just blame Wednesday. That would be good, as Wednesday's tend to improve towards evening.

Had a busy day scheduled.

Didn't get to the first appointment as it was not too pressing and I discovered I had no clean and dry bras and was not going to present myself with the headlights on (thankyou JJJ for that lovely analogy - as well as "white pointers").

All the bright stars in my work options sector seem to have fizzled. The first option (which I didn't REALLY want) went to another and I was happy about that as it saved me having to make any decisions. The DTP possibility ended up being a need for a Graphic Design artist - and while I can program and try to play with words and layout, I am not a visual artiste (as you can tell). The third job in government I didn't even get shortlisted for, which is a shock for me as I ALWAYS get shortlisted (too cocky by half, aren't I). I found this out as the friend who went for the same job who's skills are not as extensive DID - however all her experience is in government, so it must have been the selection criteria. Oh well, her needs are as great as mine. I am not too devastated, as my compensation will be having time to settle into life with V over the school holidays.

All the stars are not blown, however, as my morning has been a bit delayed by emails back and forth over the flatfile freelance work that may or may not happen - lol I am virtually telling them that they may not need my services for it, but have a conference call at 12 to sort out EXACTLY what my role may be.

I am also waiting on another email to do a quote on for my old clients...they will be getting a system that will work in a better way but that timeline is fuzzy. I am often too darned nice in my quotes/invoices - I need a negotiator.

The Red Cross wants my blood as my blood is of the very popular variety embraced by all, and with Easter here, their ever present need for stock is deemed urgent. Luckily they are open until 3, so can do that after I see how much of my blood the client wants.

Girl Guides also want my blood, as they have their Easter Party this evening - which is a fancy term for bloodletting. Imagine 60 girls of various ages and 3 elder ladies all begging you for more, more, more to play games that involve a lot of screaming and hullabaloo in return for trinkets (which I failed to donate due to 'Salina's mystery tummy pains last week) and handmade stuff. Oh, joy - I need to lighten up.

I have a sudden theoretical desire to have my house looking beautiful, but then the practical monster in me kyboshes that. The leap from where it presently is to beautiful is daunting, so I prefer to sit here and wait for the housework fairy.

Its not too bad - if you don't look at the dishes in the sink, the folding on the bed, the filing on the desk, the clutter in the living room, the fingerprints on the glass doors and windows, the recycling, the clothes in the dryer, the unmade beds or the crunching as you walk across the carpets!!!

Tomorrow will be a different day.

'Salina's school is opening its "multi-purpose building" (aka big green shed) with performances by all classes, so I have been advised by her highness that my presence will be graciously accepted.

V is due to arrive - and it is planned that his arrival will be prior to school letting out for 10 days holidays.

The start of a new chapter of my life is tomorrow. Just got to get through today to enjoy it.


Tracey said...

You are describing my house, and the way I feel about it! How is it you KNOW?!! When the housework fairy drops by, can you mention that I need some help as well!

I hope the planets come into alignment soon for you regarding work.. and life.. balance.

Anonymous said...

Ah, bugger the housework when you've got more pressing issyoooos to deal with.

Re your layout - I prefer the white background. That's just me though.