Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Monday

Having successfully avoided housework in any shape for some time now, I finally have a week fairly free where I can steamroll it - my best housework strategy.

On Friday, the only excuse I shall have is an exam as I have been reprieved of weekly tuckshop to every two weeks - hooray!

On Thursday, the only excuse I shall have is cycling 'Salina to and from school - we practiced yesterday and it is doable - just not always preferable, considering the free bus service picks up and delivers from one house away.

On Wednesday it shall not be done much, as it is a public holiday here and we are having a friend of 'Salina's for a few hours (on the proviso that both friend and she are on best behaviours for their mothers in the interim).

Tomorrow, the only excuse I shall have is Centrelink and Girl Guides.

We did our utmost to advise Centrelink in advance on my change in status - not because we have seen the ads but because we are honest people. Unfortunately their system cannot handle such honesty or efficiency. So on their advice we told them immediately V was officially in residence, tried to pry any more t's to cross and i's to dot that was possible and gave them as much paperwork as they requested at that moment in time. However, it seems their system cannot handle this courtesy either, and so have "breached" me.

I don't mind they aren't supporting my lifestyle - I have done my best for years to keep them happy, what with earning pin money and advising them so they would not find the burden of me too onerous. I am happy for them not to be intimate with all aspects of my life (even though they still want all of that and a pint of V's blood too). I do have a problem with them using such language toward me and blemishing my Centrelink career.

(I must admit, it is not spotless - I was breached once before, the week of 'Salina's father's death, as I had informed them and Child Support of this situation. My "breach" was that I was no longer enforcing the Child Support. Another statistic for Howard).

Oh, and the Girl Guides leader has learned I know how to drive a sewing machine, and miss Hand-Automatically-Up has a few sashes to put together for the Anzac Day parade.

Today the excuse I have is that it is my birthday, and my lovely V and gorgeous 'Salina implored me to leave the filth for another day to indulge in as much sloth as I could.


Anonymous said...

You definitely should not do housework on your birthday. You should get the people who live in the house with you to do it!

And did you know that apparently it is Shakespeare's 443rd birthday today.

As for Centrelink - grrrrrr. I used to hate having to deal with them.

Hopefully this comment will post.

jeanie said...

Hey Jen - having pretensions to poetry, yep, knew about sharing a birthday with Shakespeare - and with the exception of one little boy, everyone I have met with my birthday has theatrical pretensions of some sort!!!

I hate that in Blogger you cannot do a direct response to replies!

Tracey said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! That's the best excuse I can think of for not doing housework! Pity it couldn't magically all be done for you.

I can't believe the Centrelink crap. It makes me mad that single parents get such a hard time, while, as a married, "supported" mother, I do not. If I stuff up with my estimations of what we "earn" during the year, we simply get an invoice. No talk of 'breaches'.

I am impressed with your bike riding with Salina. It's something I should be doing with Zoe.

shishyboo said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!