Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursdays Child

Actually, I wasn't one - I was a Wednesday's Child - how depressing is it to look at your future as being coined "full of woe"? Thursdays children have a better outlook, in that they can get away from it all, methinks.

That being said, we have been a long way this Thursday thus far, but I still can't see the end of the Thursday tunnel...

Besides the linen that I have to wash due to a head lice alert1 at school, I have actually (drum roll please) removed, folded and put away all the linen, clothing and plastic bags from one of the spare beds in the spare room.

In spite of bucket hole number 7 emerging2 I have almost managed to get all that linen washed and intend to hang it when the sun is past frying stages.

To offset facing my house's other black hole (to my right - laughably known as "the filing pile") I now have the most wonderfully organised pantry - I even used all spare Moccona jars to achieve the effect of uniformity and prosperity!!!

But that black hole is taunting me... It has a sinister sneer about my need to approach, and I have to have to have to - I have $40 riding on it, and finding that bit of paper will mean that I can get the Electrolux EcoValve 6.5kg Front-Loading Washing Machine back into the loop which means I will no longer get angst, so although I have far to go, I WILL OVERCOME THE CHALLENGE it presents.

Just after I have made the beds, had a cuppa, checked all hair, got urgent groceries, made dinner.. I am sure there is nothing on TV there?

(Hmm, I think this post has proven, yet again, that I truly am a Wednesday's child!)

By the way - in order to avoid the black hole, I have learned things today (and last night - Anzac Day holiday yesterday meant long activity filled day culminating in meltdown, so last night's blog read was quite late!)

1 I know there are wonderful paragons out there whose child has never had one of the - believe me, if there is a hla within cooee of us my child's head will be targetted by the critters. This is despite ridding scalps and wearing deterrent for the past 6 months!

2 I now get a waterlogged laundry floor each time I wash and have to jimmy the clicky thing that says the lid is closed for the old machine to work.


Tracey said...

So I'm relating to the head lice dramas. You know of course that they are attracted to CLEAN hair, so it is NOT your parenting. No, no, no. Such a pain in the neck, the discovery of them has just about sent me over the edge a few times. If I had washing machine issues on top of it, I would be a goner.

Well done on the Moccona Jars.. want any more?

Scribbit said...

I second the lice comment above, my aunt who has perfectly manicured/coifed children had two rounds of head lice and it was mortifying for her. Not her fault of course, but you couldn't help think that I'm sure.

jeanie said...

lol Tracey - maybe, although we seem to empty a few more each month.

The problem with knowing that head lice come to healthy scalps doesn't really help the situation, as encouraging your child to develop filthy hair is just as disturbing - and head lice are a bit like telemarketers - sure, they would prefer a rich, easy target but any mug is fair game!!!

It is still not a badge of honour!

Michelle said...

Ah, there's another side to that - my hair was always clean and I never got lice, even when I was hanging out with my cousins who always seemed to be attacked with every outbreak.

My mum always had the theory that it was because I had red hair. My theory? It is something like mosquitoes - they're attracted to some but not others and there's not too much you can do about it.

jeanie said...

I am with you on that theory, MB - I think that there is something in the "attractive blood" theory!