Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I bring it home for the boys - and other drivel

Okay, going to be a bit all over the shop today - bear with me.

After my grand plan three weeks ago resulting in a win for the Maroons, I am fearful of my own power.

For example, do I push as hard today for the guys - or should I see if anyone offers me inducements to hold back to make Game 3 interesting - or do I just shut up already as my natural Queensland inclination to rub it in mentioning my mystic football powers was enough to send regular commenters into ignore mode...

Its a toughie - so I have decided today shall be approached more as an effort to tidy up loose ends here and there, do the jobs that V gave me to do rang to tell me he didn't give me to do as he is not the patriarchal dictator in our little democracy but that we both agreed would be best done in the interests of forward movement in our household.

Thank you for all the congratulations and consistent advice on the whole betrothal stuff. Some readers in the distant past got a bit of a love story from me regarding V and I - this Friday marks a very special day for us! That was when whatever spirits involved in us meeting over the ether waves worked their magic and VinniZ sent Jeanie34 a kiss - and the rest, as they say, is history!

By the way, Sarma is amazingly wonderful and everybody I have ever offered some has fallen in love - so just because it contains the wonderful cabbage in abundance doesn't mean that I was scoffing at it - in fact, we scoffed it and were very contented on Sunday - and (here is an offer) if any of you ever venture to Paradise during the period when sugarloaf cabbage is selling for a reasonable rate (about this time of year) I am very willing to cook it for with you!

Unfortunately, we discovered on Sunday (and Monday) it doesn't contain anywhere near enough gas for the Queen of Shake Shake's diabolical plan. Oh well - I will have to do my next trick next week and see if we can raise the roof. Cabbage and Cauliflower Koftas in Happy Sauce - again, delicious, nutricious, leaves you smiling from full tummy after the meal, and leaves you smiling the next morning from such a cleansing experience.

I have become addicted to Bloglines - with most of my regular people I can see any new updates as they occur which is awesome. I have also got a little button on my browser so, if I enjoy a new blog I have been sent to I can subscribe to them also. I don't know if it is better than any other reader, as it is my first - but I am very impressed.

I am currently in the process of working out how to update my blogroll to reflect some great new blogs. Stay tuned.

Of course, the first people I always check are my regulars!

I am a little embarassed, as it now means my blogroll is over 100 feeds - but then, some don't update very regularly and that way I am not frustrated constantly checking!

Babylune is doing a writing project on the Mistakes Learned being a Mother - deadline is midnight tomorrow - I am contemplating a post - we will see if I get around to it, but it looked interesting!

One of my newies (that I found via one of my oldies) is a Canadian blogger called Reject the Kool Aid - she had a very interesting post on Wheel And Wheel Stopper Reinvention that I thought was quite good.

That is about all, folks - the list today:

  • write list
  • write blog
  • 3 2 loads of washing
  • Call client's client and send completed work to Port Douglas (because client finally paid!!!)
  • Call client and organise user manuals
  • Connect brand new printer (courtesy of above payment!)
  • Ring electricians about installing an oven - price and availability courtesy of above payment too!)
  • Ring 2 educational facilities about my enrolment/desire to enrol and get that squared
  • Call washing machine dudes and see if any forward movement has been made in putting a finale on my whole Hole In Bucket melodrama or am I going to be given their loan machine forevermore
  • Do some homework
  • Type several pages of profoundly lovely text messages from the last few months to make room for more
  • Buy hot dog ingredients and antibiotics - although not FOR the hot dog ingestion, I am sure!
  • Wash up
  • General tidy and vacuum
  • Look at 'Salina's room and wonder if it is worth it. (Indian bookmakers are welcome to call to discuss weather variations)
I am sure if I pull hard, the boys can whitewash this evening!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

I too am using a feed reader as I keep blathering on about so I can pretty immediately see who's updated their sites.

Hope you enjoy your special day this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling in to my blog, decided to return the favour and so glad I did...I will certainly be back for more!

Go the maroons LOL!

Tracey said...

Yeah, I probably ignored you last time! Because even though I am not that much into the footy, the one thing that will have me dancing around the room is anytime the Blues beat the evil Maroons. I am born and bred NSW ok!

So! Whatever you did worked huh. Blues played crap (and according to husband yelling at the tv, why the hell was X selected, and where the hell was Y? The Maroons had better defence. Better teamwork. BUT. How about that forward pass?