Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Its raining - which means

  • No bike riding, running around or outdoors tomfoolery for children.
  • This also means that a night at Guides can lead to irritability, irrational displays of childishness and extreme fatigue - the girls had fun though.

  • Rapid growth in the garden without human hand-watering or intervention.
  • Looks like the new lawnmower will get a burl when this all lets up.

  • Jobsites quagmired in mud.
  • No hard labour for my sweet V.
  • (hmm, and I haven't been as consistent in front of this box for the last few days resultantly - get to take the man grocery shopping and such).

Ah well, most of my cheques have come home to roost so at least the larder is full of food, the house is full of happiness and laughter - and the rain gauge is filling up.

Send it down, Hughie


Jamie Starbuck said...

Pray tell. What is a 'rain gauge'?

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Jamie, just in case Jeanie hasn't answered you. A rain gauge is something that collects rain and tells us how much we have received. Farmers especially use these, and many other people in the country as rain is so vital for livelihood.

Jeanie, am glad you finally got rain.

Melody said...

I complain about the amount of rain we get here in FNQ. Terrible aren't I? It was good to see on the telly though, all those of you down south rejoicing!

Brissiemum2 said...

Yahoooo! We love rain now....when in the past it was considered a thing of gloom! Pft! Out with the old! Only thing is that my dryer is running hot ;) and the mutt-dog stinks....but who cares! Nothing like jumping in puddles and getting mud on the bottom of your shoes! Doing the rain dance here, too! :)