Monday, April 21, 2008

Organised by Default

I am not by nature organised.

Oh, I know there are moments of brilliance when I get it all to a point that I LOOK like I have my shit plans together, but I know deep down I am not, so the moment of achievement is tempered by the freak-out that it will all come toppling down if I breathe too hard.

I try very, very, very hard to get some parts of my life into some sort of order, but it is in the knowledge that I cannot put too much effort in because nature has a balance thing going so will kybosh me the instant that I think I have it nutted.

That is why I get very happy INDEED if order is placed into my lap without me having to contemplate it!

Every week, I read how organised some other bloggers are with their plans for dining during the week. There is a blog called "I'm an Organising Junkie" that hosts Menu Plan Monday and while I applaud her and the efforts of her linkers, I know that I would be defrauding her system by subscribing to it.

However - and PURELY BY LUCK - I can now boast that (for this week) and I am so happy about that!

So our dinner plans are:

Monday: Leftovers (cause they are clogging up the fridge) - yep, we have Saturdays spaghetti with possibly a fresh salad and a side of whatever I can concoct from the odds and ends that are new enough not to give us food poisoning.

Tuesday: Repeat after me "Tuesday Night is Taco Night"...

Wednesday: Lamb Shanks - because they are in my freezer, and because its my birthday and I get to chose my own dinner and do NOT have to bow down to the pecularities of childish obsessions with not wanting crockpot cooking.

Hopefully my sister will feed us, unless we leave the house too late and need to find take-away food.

Friday: Not only do I hope my sister feeds me, I also hope that she will let me help her in the kitchen for the event.

Saturday: Crap from the local agricultural show.

Sunday: Yay for us - spaghetti again, as there is spare sauce in the freezer and will be easy to contemplate after driving home.

Now, aren't you all happy for me being so darned organised? Ha ha - I have just seen my filing and realise that indeed, this universe is BENT on balancing itself!!!


Jayne said...

That sounds so like my menu planning!
I just grab whatever hasn't grown legs and crawled out of the fridge to slap together ;)
Or it's "freezer surprise" - grabbing a lump of frozen something that's so covered in white it can't be identified till it's defrosted...and even then it's sometimes a challenge :P

Alison said...

LOL - You're such a star Jeanie. Not only are you menu organised - you didn't actually have to plan! That's definitely getting the universe to work in your favour.
I still think 'organised' means remembering to order enough take away for 2 nights.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

Our newspaper runs a suggested weekly menu. I love reading them. I love writing the grocery list. I just somehow never end up following the plan...

Lin said...

Beware of the woman with a plan!

I made a menu plan once in my life and I was so proud of myself that I hung it on my fridge. [It was still there 3 weeks later too] And it really did make life (especially that 5th of my life I seem to spend at supermarkets) much easier. But that was about 3 months ago and I haven't been organised enough to do it again.

Hope all goes according to plan this week. lol

Debby said...

I was organized once. It was a very exciting 10 minutes, let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

The trick with the menu planning thing is to not beat yourself up if you change the menu and do something else - I use it more of a guide to help me plan my shopping and it stops the whole "oh what will we have" 'oh I don't know, you decide' "no you decide" debacle that seems to regularly occur without it.

The Brave said...

HaHa, that was funny Jeanie. I am so uninspired to cook anything these days, mostly because my daughter hates everything I cook, so it seems. She merely gives it a sniff and that is enough for her - so why bother?

jeanie said...

Jayne - I love "Freezer Surprise" night - except that one time when I thought I was grabbing corned beef out, and instead got something far, far more unpalateable (

Alison - I love your planning. I would, of course, have to be organised enough to live in an area with decent take-away as well...

Cathy - I even read such books and get a buzz - its the whole "implementation" that gets me.

Lin - colouring them in also gives me great joy - art at its obscure modern best.

Debby - 10 minutes? All in a row? Wow!!!

Bettina - I know the philosophy and actually my shopping lists are quite structured affairs - they have to be - but it has a lot of latitude for what is on special and what catches my whim.

Oh Strauss - I remember that year - my daughter went on the "S" diet, consisting only of foods beginning with the letter S!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

well done - it is always good to have spaghetti in the freezer
I find a menu plan takes the challenge out of thinking what's for dinner and saves the hip pocket -as long as you have something in the freezer to start with.
I agree with Bettina too - if you miss one or two -chuck them on the list next week. I have been averaging 4-5/7 I plan.
Tacos - thanks I know what I want for dinner tonight (buritos actaully) ... my menu plan is in progress.