Friday, May 09, 2008

A Poem for MB

Before I put my mind to the grindstone (ooh, that sounds painful) on Shoes - The Prequel, I promised another blogger I would put this poem up.

I wrote this when I was 27 and about to return home for a while after being a career girl sliding down the greasy pole of success in Sydney and before immersing myself into hippydom.

It was written as a response to the query that you always get when returning home - "anyone special yet?".

So here it is MB (and all women who can enjoy being single) (oh, and all those women who didn't realise you COULD enjoy being single).


Now reaching the age
When, admitting my years,
Peevish looks rise
Amidst unfounded fears,
That, If I don’t try hard,
To find a mate soon,
I shall sentence myself
To unending doom!

But this fear is not mine
And I shout out loud,
“Don’t put out the sunshine
By bringing forth clouds,”
For this is the song
Of a spinster, so proud,
This is The Spinster Song.

I have noticed the bias
Of mother’s of babe,
And of eyes of the sires,
Sense the distrust now raised,
As I am now older
With no troth in sight,
Would I to impose on
Their childish delights.

But Auntie’s a handle
That suits me just fine,
For when piccan’ starts screaming
I will gladly decline,
For although I grow older,
My time is not nigh
“Go forth”, seek my partner
And multiply,
For this is the song
Of a spinster, so spry,
This is The Spinster Song.

And do not disquiet
At thoughts of my state,
As I sail through solo
With nary a mate,
For my cohorts are with me -
I revel unchained;
My affairs are untangled;
My dreams are untamed;

Unhindered with care
And living my days,
Suck the marrow of minutes -
Let the hours make play,
For this is the song
Of a spinster, so fey,
This is The Spinster Song.

© Sophie Jean 1996


Crazed Nitwit said...

I love it!! I went from my parents to college to live-in bf to 3 whole months living with my bro to McHub. I think every women should know they can take care of themselves just fine if a man doesn't magically appear.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are very talented!

I have not been single for a very long time, in fact the thought really scares me.
I really loved that poem though.

BB said...

Ahhhhh... she listens to nags...

This is TOTALLY one of my favourites of your verse of all time.
Sooooooooo true.
Sooooooooo you.
(And me for some time).


BB said...
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Jayne said...

I love it!
That is fantastic, even though I haven't been single for a loooong time, I can remember the uncluttered and unfettered freedom of singledom :)

Michelle said...


Thank you!!!!

Maude Lynn said...

This is just awesome!

I remember those days; my Grandpa actually called me an old maid once!

Aniqa said...

Thanks Jeanie, it's been a bit of a dud week so being reminded of the good things is nice.

Hey can I request the Dishwasher Man - pretty please!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the poem. Good job! :-)

Hilary said...

So true. What a breath of fresh air. Singledom is a much more blissful state on the whole.

Debby said...

All periods of life have their gifts and lessons. I'm glad I have my partner, but deep inside me is the knowledge that whatever twists and turns life takes, I will be able to handle life on my own. I hope I never have to prove it though.

Jenni said...

Wonderful! It isn't my reality (happily married since 18), but you made me feel it. Isn't that what any good poet does?

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

very brilliant and I agree what talent !

I really like it but I am glad I am not a spinster most days.