Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Screw up Tuesday - or How Ms Jeanie attained every old married woman's desire

Bettina at Dances to the Beet of her own Drum hosts Screw-Up-Tuesday every - well, every Tuesday, really.

And as is my wont, I will combine that with the inspiration from several blogs I have read of late, that lament the fact that old married women seem to want their husbands to lessen the frequency and intensity of their ardour. It is a blues tune that I have also heard in real life, so I figure it must be a real phenomenon.

One of the upsides of not having found and married some high school sweetheart, I suppose, is that this has never been my experience.

By pure accident, it seems I found the answer to many of these women's prayers this week.

I love garlic. So does my honey. However, after his stomach went ballistic after our last feast of roasted garlic and onions a few weeks ago, he has been a little more tentative on the garlic front.

On Saturday, after a day that had a sort of sleepwalking through molasses quality, I prepared a feast of pork chops and roast vegetables. It was divine, even if I say so myself. Knowing V was reticent about the garlic component, I only roasted enough for me to taste that sweet nectar.

V, however, was not so sweet several hours later when, going in for a kiss in front of the Saturday evening entertainment he baulked and exclaimed "whoa, phew!!!"

He did attempt to make up for such bad manners, but the moment had been lost - and a word to the wise - holding your breath while going in for a kiss does not increase the desire of EITHER party.

So - my loss, the world's gain - if you have intentions of keeping the vampires and unwanted amorous attention at bay, I heartily recommend garlic - unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure and give it a go next time I have the problem.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Like you, I don't have that complaint. Lucky me, I have a guy who likes me all the time.

But I guess if I ever needed it, it's nice to know there's cure. :)

Anonymous said...

lmao - oh dear

Thankfully I won't be needing this tip either ;) lol

Maude Lynn said...

I can definitely see that ruining the moment!

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky that my bondage boy loves garlic. Hmm, there goes that rumour that I'm part vampire. :)

Jayne said...

LOL thanks for the tip ;)

jeanie said...

Hilary - always handy to have it up your sleeve for those moments when it may be needed.

mary - that is what these ladies seem to be complaining about, isn't it?

bettina - if you have your own methods already no problems - another string!

mama zen - yep, didn't do much for my Saturday night.

anja - mine used to - his stomach had an argument and lost.

jayne - pleased to be of assistance.

Debby said...

Tim: not that easily disuaded.