Monday, June 23, 2008

Wouldn't that?

This is an expression of my mother's - and was an expression of hers (and no doubt can be attributable back for generations).

Just when you think you have your ducks lined up in a row, something slips out of place and - well, wouldn't that.

Yesterday, I made the eggplant pickle again.

I photographed it (unfortunately still in the harsh unnatural light of the fluoro, as natural light only reaches the kitchen for certain hours of certain days of the year - and that's not in the afternoon or on Winter Solstice).

I even thought of great phrases to go with each stage - the post was all but written.

But - well, wouldn't that?

I can't find the lead that connects the camera to the computer and makes it possible to put really bad photos into the blogosphere...

Hmm - best laid plans, eh? Oh well, I needed to tidy the areas where the lead may be anyway.

I also have mislaid the template for my to-do list - starting to think there is a conspiracy.

So going back to pen on notebook and head down tail up - perhaps, tomorrow, we might have something to relish...

Until then - what phrase does your family use when the wheels start to wobble?


Jayne said...

A favourite of my Dad's is "It's not worth a knob of goat's shyte" lol.

BB said...

Oh... you need to add the remainder of that phrase that the less-couth members of the family use (me for example):

"Wouldn't that rip you!"

or my personal favourite:

"Wouldn't that... tear the fork clean out of your nightie".


Debby said...

How about, "That would make a preacher cuss."

Pencil Writer said...

Hmmmm. I'll have to ask BB about "tear the fork clean out of your nightie" comment. That one doesn't translate into American English--at least for me!

One of my MOST favorite phrases--that has nothing to do with being called on the carpet--is: "Fixin' to." Like, "OK, I'm fixin' to get ready." Or, "I'm fixin' to take out the trash." It's a lovely side-step from acknowledging one's tendency to procrastinate, and I hate to admit it in public and all, but I'm a procrastinator. But, I AM fixin' to get started on some of the things I really need to do today." ;-}


Having a little terminal brain fade

Not a good day to wash the fine china

Julie Pippert said...

Umm when things go awry we tend to say: Shee SHAW dog dog dog (which is a euphemism)

But that's in the moment. Otherwise it's about the monkey wrench and the works.

Debby said...

Or you could just yell "Summer DITCH!"

Or the generic, "Well, I'll be dogged!"

My sister always bellows, "H-E-double toothpicks." I usually just say, "Well, hell."

MissyBoo said...

I was a child with the "Its not fair" statement when the wheels wobbled. My mother would always respond with "Its not dark either" Aaaggghhhh

Anonymous said...

I thought everybody said, 'Wouldn't that rot your socks!'

jeanie said...

lol - last night, when V read the post, he gave me the abbreviated bricklayers version - I assured him that noone in my family ever broke it down to just "wouldn't that "(expletive deleted) "you". By the way - the cord search entered the frantic zone last night (as OCD V was reminded) but still no joy. On to do list - clean whole house in expanded search...

Jayne - I like.
Bush babe - ha ha.
debby - it would, too!
pw - its not meant to translate. Part of the meaning is in the complete lack of sense. I am also fixin' to do something about my to-do list.
Elizabeth - I am going to borrow that china one - sweet.
julie - euphamising what?
debby - we always used double hockey sticks!!
me & boo - V saw your comment before I did and has bagged it already.
hilary - we added "cotton-pickin'" to the socks bit - obviously they needed tarting!