Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I won!! I won!! I won!! I won!!

Can you believe it? I don't win ANYTHING (well, very nearly nothing) and so I am sooo excited!!

As I told you last week, Jen at Semantically Driven is giving away DVDs at the moment - and I won the first giveaway - which is fantastic.

Of course, now I am going to have to get V all commenty to enter her next giveaway - for Stupid Stupid Man.

Now, if you haven't had a half-hour to kill between Spicks & Specks and Life in the past six months, this little gem of an Aussie comedy may have passed you by - but although there are moments when you truly cringe there are moments when you - well, okay, V and I - crack up.

Stupid Stupid Man is set in Coq magazine, and if you can handle that snippet of humour you may be able to stomach the rest.

We did - and held our stomachs laughing.

The first time I remember ever winning was at the tiny, tiny town where I grew up. The local hall was renowned for old-time dances, and it seemed there was one held every other month.

As kids, we would gather at the end of the hall for the man to put out the sawdust, and it was our job to slide all around the hall spread it and make the floor slick for the promenades and waltzes.

Our job done, we would then gather outside and play games and spy on the teenagers sneaking away and blow their covers while the grown ups danced to the tunes put forth by the drummer and pianist on stage.

There was always a bar, with the men taking turns serving beer and shandies, but the main refreshments were served at half-time, when the plates the ladies had all brought in were put on trestle tables outside, and the urn was boiled for teas and coffees.

There were also softdrinks available for the kids - Creaming Soda, Sarsparilla, Lemon Squash and Fanta were things I dreamed of, although I had the sort of parents who limited our intake severely.

As the adults were still taking their last sips and chatting, again we would gather for the sawdust trick to be repeated.

Occasionally, we too would dance - our father's would walk us through "The Pride of Erin" or we would pair off for "The Gypsy Tap". We always made sure we made up the numbers, however, when there was a competition.

Now, the dances were more known for their access and fun than for the finesse in which they were performed at my former tiny tiny school town (despite the attempts for several families of very shiny shoes to make it more spectacular) and so the competitions were never about form or style - more about what corner you were in when the music stopped, and what card was drawn from the pack.

My best friend Hel and I teamed up and were ever so lucky to just escape the drawn corners time and time again this one time, and edged out our rivals by chosing the black corner from the red.

We won!! Yes indeed, at the grand old age of 8, we were the proud recipients of the prize of - well, the organising committee had obviously not thought this the whole way through, and we were rewarded with chips and a can of softdrink and the packet of cigarettes and six-pack were put into the prize cupboard for another day.

Have you ever won? What is the most unusual thing you have ever won?

Oh - or go to Jen's to win Stupid, Stupid Man and then come back and tell me about that.


Melody said...

Every year at my Primary School, they had an Easter Hamper full of Chocie goodies. I never won but gee, all I ever wanted to win was that!

In 2005 I won 4th row tickets to see Billy Corgan in concert and his solo CD. That was 2nd prize. First prize was the same but you got to meet the man in person. Spewin'.

Debby said...

What lovely memories of the dance. What strange prizes for 8 year olds! The most unusual thing I ever won was a tour of Seoul. It was very nicely done, and very enjoyable.

BB said...

That was great Jeanie - brought it all back for me!!! How about those fancy dress balls at the same venue though... exactly the same as the normal old fashioned dances, except with parades! And I always ALWAYS lost to Cathy the bride - every freaking year!!!

PS WV is 'coriner' - what the??

Kari said...

Once I won a contest at a work Christmas party that involved eating jello with out using my hands and fishing out gummy worms.

Another time as a kid I won a Pepsi 10-speed that was cool too.

MissyBoo said...

I'm quite handy to have around if they're giving out bottles of champagne for the best dancer!


I won a dollar at a country fair once when I was too young to appreciate the sin of gambling. Darn bingo cards cost me more that that to play. *laugh*

OH I love Life.

Anonymous said...

If you want another chance to win, you can do my Virtual Cookie Exchange again this year :) Giveaways this year.

Crazed Nitwit said...

I won 1000 dollars in the WA state lotto one year in december when we were so poor I had just applied to do seasonal work at Target.(I detest retail)I had been crying in the parking lot after I finished my application then off to the grocery store where I found out I won 1000 dollars. The boys got new bikes that Christmas. I rarely play lotto and am firmly in the black.

jeanie said...

lol Melody - I dream whenever I see a hamper myself. Mind you, your second prize story sounds like the beginning of a joke.

Debby - a tour of Seoul? Were you in the vicinity at the time?

Bush Babe - I don't remember the fancy dress, per se, but I remember bride Cathy.

Kari - oh my!! I won a smartie eating concert with chopsticks - the trick is to make them a slide!

M+B - I will keep that in mind.

Elizabeth - the Ambulance Stall used to get all my spare change at shows the same way.

Jenn - you have to give out the link - here is Jenn's link and if I can think of something creative it will be done.

Crazed Mom - with a windfall like that it would take a bit for the profit to dissipate.

Debby said...

Yes. I lived in Yong-san.