Monday, December 01, 2008

Six by Six

Jen tagged me a little while ago for a meme. Which reminds me - I have three others to trot out soon.

Anyhow - the rules are:

1. Find your 6th photo folder (hard drive or online)
2. Find the 6th photo in that folder.
3. Share the photo on your blog and give the details of the photo.
4. Tag 5 folks to do the same.

As this is a relatively new computer, I went into the old one to dig out something of interest.

This would have been taken about 2 years ago, just after we had first moved here. You can tell by the tooth missing and the sandals worn.

We are at Turtle Park - a local landmark. It is a really cool park - firstly because ANYONE can find it, so it is very easy to meet people there. It also has a toy fishing boat, a climbing net, a huge percussive harp, water features, two slides in its flippers and a huge sandpit - which you can't see, because its all behind the turtle.

Paradise is a beach town, and in fact if you imagine looking over to your right, you would see lava (lavial?) rocks and white sand and the ocean.

While you are using your imagination, add some blustery sea breezes to whip your hair around. It smells good, as it doesn't combine the "beach" feel with the fishery smell - a blessing hey?

Within the turtles mouth is a cave for small children to play, with some steps up his throat and another entrance where his shell might have been, had it not been filled with all the other features.

I am passing the baton to Bush Babe because she is missing her camera at the moment but I KNOW there is an archive of unseen shots in her repertoire, Kari at "Hi my name is", Elizabeth at "Probably, but not likely", Rhubarb Whine and KB at "Being Me, Just for Them".

Good luck all!!


Tamsyn said...

Wow, that sounds really like a great park. Almost makes me wish I was a kid again :)

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I can smell the beach now and wish I was there. Thanks for taking part.

BB said...

Hmmmm... sounds like a lot of counting to me... I'll think about it!!

Great post by the way... that's EXACTLY what it is like!

Kari said...

Ohhh I see what you do for a meme now. K cool.

I don't know that I have 6 folders but they do need to be organized so what a good way to make me organize them.

Watch my blog in the next few days. I'll catagorize the pictures into folders (they way they should be) and whatever is the 6th one to come up comes up. We shall see, huh?

Maude Lynn said...

That is a really cute picture!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I was tagged too = it's on my undone list.
Very awesome park and cute !