Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The update that wasn't

I have several draft posts in my dashboard.

One about going mustering after years of not.

One about working as a team in the yards.

There are also the unwritten drafts in my head.

One about the lack of preparation for Christmas.

One about rearranging 'Salina's room.

One about a rather intriging opportunity the new year may give me.

Yesterday I didn't write a post about the non-day I had thanks to the sort of migraine that makes you throw up all day.

And today I fear I will not write a witty and insightful post about failing to update you all on the minutae of my life and philosophy - because the "to-do" list is long and the time is short.

Just a quick reiteration of my apologies for not visiting and leaving comments, for not being that witty and insightful person that I aspire to be and for once again leaving you with a post that says - nothing...

As my reports cards always said "must try harder".


Anonymous said...

Oh, these popular girls... always a promise and never a delivery... ;)

Debby said...

Oh, I grade on a curve. You've got an A. Fear not, over achiever!

QuJaBaKa said...

See I'll still be reading if its a nothing, just coz I want to hear that someone else has to suffer through moments of nothing ness as well!!
Hugs and great Christmas wishes, K

Jayne said...

You get an extra cup cake with Christmas sprinkles just coz you made an effort :P

Crazed Nitwit said...

My report cards said "doesn't live up to her potential". Sigh. Too true.

Le said...

too hard on your self wee one - tis the season to be merry :) bring out the mescindol and I hope that migrane goes for good - double yuk.

don't fret it - santa says you have been a good girl :) le

Tracey said...

Don't worry, you haven't been scrapped from the blogroll yet! Frankly I'm in awe of anyone who has the time to blog religiously at this time of year. The rest of us are just normal! And anyway, now you've whet our appetites for interesting reading once the madness is over!

Have a good one!

[Love the word verification: "blamiumm" - sounds like something my teenagers use on me... blame mum... Hah!

Melody said...

*heehee* Must try harder...oh those were the days weren't they??

We know you are around - that's what counts...

hope you are feeling a little better today and getting on top of it all...


I was still making mind pictures using "property" from your last post so I'll just add more about mustering and working in the yards.

So far they seem include a farmyard sort of smell-0-rama

Kari said...

I thought I was the only one that did that.

Jeanie, I have tons that never make it in... not because I didn't feel like posting them after typing but because they expired and were no longer relevant.

I hope your head feels better.

Kari said...

Oh and I'm still working on the meme too

MissyBoo said...

I hope you are much improved for the festivities!

Wishing you, V and 'Salina a wonderful, wonderful Christmas

Love Me & Boo xxxx

jeanie said...

rhubarbwhine - I don't know about that? Which part do I question first?

Debby - thanks for the A! Bit of a dippy curve.

QJKB - Thanks darl - I read that at first as "nothing mess" and thought too right!

Jayne - ta - I love sprinkles.

Crazed Mom - "talks too much" also featured on mine.

Le - thanks, the migraine is a distant memory.

Tracey - love the word verfication! Thanks.

Melody - we got here, that is the made thing.

Elizabeth - if only we could do "smell-o-blog"

Kari - hopefully they can be used one day. Maybe we should make up a meme about it.

M+B - Merry Christmas to you too.

Woman in a Window said...

I like even this, your honesty and laid back attitude, your report card. (and sometimes those posts on deck seem a little out of sorts, don't they? I've posts written and sitting there, photos and all, waiting and waiting but they're almost not relevant anymore.)