Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cold Turkey

Was it only Thursday night that my supplier ran out of the good stuff?

I didn't notice the withdrawal that much yesterday, kept myself busy - called in a few times to see if I could get a fix but each time the answer was the same - no supply.

I don't need it, I know I don't need it - but oh I want just a few little hits, a toke, a taste of the goodness that is my daily blogsurf.

Bloglines has let me down - stuffed up and now happily tells me I have 0 feeds. This, to a girl who was mainlining three figures and in way over her head - it is like ripping the bandaid off a wound.

The good news is that once upon a time I backed up my database of feeds.

The bad news is that was many moons ago.

The good news is that I had pared my addiction way down, so looking at those large figures in Google Reader I almost felt virtuous that my more recent order from Bloglines was such a low three figures.

The bad news is that many of those blogs are out of date or my sphere of what I want to know - and many of my favourites had not yet been discovered.

The good news is this gives you all opportunity.

The bad news is my roll over there to the right is ancient, so its only half helpful. It is on the cards to update.

The good news is - pop in to comments, say "hey Jeanie" and give me a little love and I will be eternally grateful. I need a little of that honey.

I will never get back the high that was Bloglines (even if they turn around and say all is forgiven). They have let me down and even if I go back to that trough I will do so with fear in my heart.

I might have to fill the void with real life.

Scary, hey?


Alison said...

Hey Jeanie =)
Don't worry. I all else fails, real life can be ok... There is real chocolate, after all.

megz_mum said...

Hey Jeanie, I hope all is well with you, curses to those computer-related gremlins

Debby said...

Hey Jeanie.

Erg. I hate computer issues.

mommamia said...

Hey Hope the computer issues are solved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanie, you're right, a girl definitely needs some loving when bloglines lets her down

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hey Jeanie. Here's some love for ya!

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered you blog - I like it here. Here is nice.

BB said...

Hey Jeanie ... a little housecleaning was probably required!! One way to purge I guess... of course, it's worse when Bloglines is your ONLY way of seeing some of your favourite blogs, cause they had inadvertantly (I think?) blocked your IP address ... and you can insert 'Bush Babe' for 'your' in that last sentence. GAH!

Love your work darl... but you knew that!
BB (big sis)

Melody said...

The beauty woth MacBooks is that they rarely get into trouble. Unlike my other PC...*urrr*

And sometimes, real life ain't that bad. Sometimes. (But what would I know? My nose is always in the laptop!)


It's probably a good thing I don't even know what a Bloglines is.
Just a long as you don't disappear.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

That bloody dealer letting you down again. Oh well at least there's other ways to satisfy your fix. I haven't yet had a problem with Google reader, but I've never thought of making a backup incase it stuffs up.

Jayne said...

Google reader the way to go...right after inserting something sharp and pointy at Bloglines :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanie *waves*

I have no idea how a feed reader works but I'm sorry yours is gone.

jeanie said...

Thank you all for your good wishes, folks.

That (and me trying to trick it) must have fixed it - but I am backing it up now!!!

MissyBoo said...

Bugger! Bloglines at present informs me there are 200 unread posts for everyone on my list!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I would be in REAL trouble if that happened!!!!!