Sunday, February 01, 2009

In which I bore you again with the little bits of my belly button fluff

Oh my, feeling a little put upon today, aren't we?

I shouldn't.

I didn't get up until 3 minutes to 8!!! Of course, I didn't go to sleep until 1.30am, but that was because it was a good book (Al Franken - Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them - very funny unless you are a right-wing commentator in the US, no doubt - as I am not one of them, I laughed, I almost cried and I kept annoying V with reading bits out of it).

And before I slumbered I had an excellent night last night.

We had the most scrummy spaghetti bolognaise a'la Jeanie.

'Salina went to bed and we read another chapter of her horse chapter book, only having to explain the terms "titbits", "coyly", "coaxed", "raptures" and "patronising". Its a book I got for $0.20 from an op shop and was published in 1968 (yes, before I was born) - but I had not realised how much the world of junior fiction (not just the vocabulary) had changed in my lifetime.

We got an excellent episode of Iron Chef (although I had seen it before - note to SBS - do you think there might be some episodes more recent than 1998 that we may not have seen? Always quality, of course, but worth contemplating).

Rockwiz was fantastic, with Adam Green and Toni Childs - if you want to watch something awesome online, here is the link.

We also got to see the majority of a fantastic movie from France "Love is in the Air" - very funny, very worthy.

So why so grumpy?

Well, that is the bit that doesn't go on a public blog where people I may know, through blood or casual acquaintance, would be a bit all "oh jeanie, you don't mention things like that".

Let me just say - 4 litres of water, one Ural (use by date 1995, but in a pinch I can look past mandatory labels), two panadol, a cracking headache and a mantra of "I don't really need to" while keeping within dash distance to the facilities hasn't fixed it.

Either that, or a combination of that and the old "week before" blues means I am just fresh out of inspiration.

Anyone got any advice? About the inspiration or my euphamism, I am at a point past caring.

Oh - and I know that many people have way bigger things to deal with - huge, life-altering things that make my little whimper sounds of joy.

Really I do.

But today, that knowledge bounces off me while I create my little pity party.

But first, I need to go again.


Jayne said...

Keep up the fluids, gulp down some yoghurt and see your gp if this keep s up beyond tomorrow.

David said...

You must try some simple Yoga. The breathing alone will change your disposition.
Then you can adopt an attitude of gratitude in your wonderful life.

MissyBoo said...

Oooh...NASTY! Like Jayne said keep up the fluids and hopefully it will flush away (double entendre)!

We are currently reading Enid Blyton... now the vocabulary that needs explaining plus the explanation of old fashioned furnishings and gadgets!

Maude Lynn said...

Keep up the fluids! I hope that you feel better soon!

Pencil Writer said...

I feel your pain, Jeanie. My advise is totally from my very personal perspective: 1. Do NOT pass out from dehydration. 2. Do not whack your face against any hard, corner-type surfaces.

That's all I have to say about that. And my you find peace, comfort and, well . . . rest.

BB said...

Oh darl... will call you after I get back from the yards!

Mary O. Paddock said...

Fluids and rest and doctor if you feel worse or don't improve in forty-eight.

And for that "week before" thing? A hot bath nad Rasberry leaf tea with honey. It works. I swear. :)

Woman in a Window said...

i haven't quite figured it out. One end or another, I gather. Either way, hang in there.

Lin said...

I concur: water, water, water. As much as you can manage to get down. But if you're feeling that uncomfortable, it's probably time for the antibotics now.

Hope it'll pass soon. And thanks for inviting us to the party. ;)

Debby said...

Water. Yogurt. Patience. Copious amounts of sympathy from everybody.

Sorry you're sick.

Debby said...

Oh, and if things are reeeeeeally bad, try Imodium.

We keep some on hand. We've had it forever and it is past it's due date, to be sure, but it works well in an emergency.