Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its a small world after all

A few bits and bobs (again), but I didn't want to advertise that in the title (again) so I thought for a moment and that line popped into my head.

When 'Salina was a baby, I formed the theory that THAT SONG is actually not a song generated from baby's toys, but a continuous loop playing in the upper atmosphere that baby's toys channeled.

Yes, yes, I may have been slightly touched during that phase of life (don't mention colour-coded pegs and we should get out of this, Jeanie) but there are moments when certain songs do that to you, aren't there? (Aren't there?)


I was thinking about life and social networks and connections and such the other night - must have been a slow night of the tube - and I realised how lucky I am because I have made many wonderful friends and connections through the genius of the internet (and I have to admit it, some of those wonderful friends were made before I discovered blogging!).

There is also the positive of catching up with old real-life friends through the wonders of the internet (and dare I say it, cough facebook cough - I still hate it, just it has its uses).

Here are a few little things I have learned from these friends in my more recent very limited wandering of the internet.

I once knew a girl in Brisbane through poetry. She was wonderful - very confrontational feminist poet and zine queen - exactly my cup of tea.

In those days she also had a bald med-student boyfriend and a mane of red ringlets you can only get by making deals with the devil crossing an Irish redhead with a Grecian goddess.

A few years have passed since then, and she is now the partner of a balding doctor (not the same one) and has two gorgeous children and writes novels.

A few years ago, the Grecian goddess (her mother) was quite ill, which awoke my friend's desire that more be done for research into prevention and cure for leukemia, and is going to lose her locks for the cause.

Her thick, long, red, ringletted hair. (I was going to post a picture, but all her photos I have access too are photos of her kids. Imagine gorgeous with an order of amazing hair.)

I feel like crying - mainly because I wish I could give her some money for her efforts and can't right now (although if the world turns the right way for me, that would change).

Here is her link.

Another friend of a friend of a friend (and frankly, that is the whole state because Queensland - 3 degrees of separation) that I first met on a forum has a blog. About food. I love blogs about food.

What makes this one different is she is a food writer at the main Queensland Newspaper - so she gets to talk about real food things going on in Brisbane.

In fact, if you read me, are in Brisbane, like food and wouldn't mind a free feed, she even has a competition at the moment offering such. Go check it out.

And finally, the pitfall of internet socialisation I discovered recently.

I won't go into details (you know, someone may want the novel length version one day) but let me say that politics and business networking sometimes make unwise bedfellows, especially when you cannot see how the whole "room full of people" are reacting to your words.

That was a rhetorical "your" as in not really you or me, but the people who I saw having a decreasingly polite discussion over the past few days.

Oh, I did stick my oar in, with a "I can understand both sides and that she is feeling under attack. Maybe we should not have this going on right here." sort of statement.

Don't. Ever. Do. That.


Woman in a Window said...

I stick to blogging only. All that other social networking is just way too, well, um, social for me. Glad I come this way though.

Debby said...

Re: 'Don't. Ever. Do. That.'

Jeanie, you are you. I think that you are practical and kind and a person who always sees both sides. It is your nature. I think that it would also be one of the reasons that you are beloved.

I say: 'Don't. Ever. Stifle. That.'

Anonymous said...

I am a Facebook lover, but yes need to remember that my words are out there for all to see..... and some things are better kept to myself.

Jayne said...

Started on Twitter and it's very seductive to spew thoughts out into the net for everyone to access.

Anonymous said...

It is a very small world.
Glad you're in mine.
Also: Same coloured pegs? I went through something similar after I lost my mind post birth of the first set of twins. There's something very soothing about matching pegs.

Anonymous said...

I do understand - and I do agree. For me, after a 'misunderstanding' (I am still quite confused at how it even happened, it was like msg msg msg one minute and WTF the next) I will now ONLY blog and that's it. Or email people I know to genuine.

To The Manor Boyle said...

I colour code my pegs.. sigh.