Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today brings renewed joy

Today, I awoke at my usual "oh look, I should be still asleep" o'clock and tried out my 20 minute rule.

So, as usual, I was up by 1/4 to 4 and cracking.

I did a couple of hours work and sent out my invoices for the week.

I saw the sunrise (well, lighten - too much development to appreciate the orb transit).

I contemplated my day and smiled.

Because today we are going here:

(well, down behind the hill on the far right where the showgrounds are!)
(oh - please note it will be much greener today than that - there has been rain!)

We will see family members.

And I get to see my gorgeous daughter after 6 days of her absense.

I missed her sooooooo much.

I know I mentioned appreciating her gone so I could cook curry - but I can always make two dishes.

It has been handy having access to her (my old) computer at crack of dawn so I can do the full-time work and my own work around the edges - this will go on for another 10 days (celebration on the 30th!!) but we will manage.


Alison said...

LOVE that pic!
Hope your morning was productive and you enjoy your reunion today :-)

Woman in a Window said...

I'll say gorgeous. My god! Perfect!

Jayne said...

Love the 'Salina pic, when does her tribe take over the universe? ;p

Leenie said...

I don't know what kind of wickeness Mother Nature plays on us women. Just when the children get old enough to sleep through the night, there is the WHY CAN'T I SLEEP? IT IS THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!! There are plenty who will offer advice. Not me. I am too tired.

BB said...

Yep - it was really beautiful there at the show - hot but beautiful. And Salina was lovely to have visit too - thanks for sharing her!!!!

Tracey said...

Wish I could borrow your ability to wake up at what feels like the middle of the night. Just for Saturday mornings though (when I get up to go bike riding, and feel like death for the rest of the day.)

Tamsyn said...

Gorgeous pick of Salina, I love it!

Sarah Lulu said...

I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter.

Crazed Nitwit said...

I hope you had a fantabulous time!!!!!!


Melody said...

Awwww.....Is that a big hug 'Salina is offering?

MissyBoo said...

Beautiful pic of 'Salina (even in the dirt she's gorgeous)!

At the moment I'm lucky to be asleep at that time, let alone getting up at that time :)

Debby said...

I love that picture of 'Salina!

Anonymous said...

That is agorgeous image of your angel. I love it.

Mistress B said...

Great pic!

Hope you had a great reunion!

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures !!! Both the view and your daughter.

Did you ahve a nice reunion?